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Ask Yogi November 2022

Q: Trying to practise more postures to help open up my hips. Do you have any good recommendations, please? N. Burton – Bristol

A: If you can, try and learn Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana (half-bound lotus stretch). This posture opens the hips and stretches the glutes and hamstrings. You’ll also find that through regular practise, your waist will feel more toned. Regular performance also aids the digestive organs by giving them a natural internal massage, helping to release and squeeze out toxins.

How to Perform:

Stand in tadasana and get yourself grounded. If you aren’t completely confident about standing on one leg, have a chair nearby – for support. Then, lift your right foot and place it in half-lotus. If this is too intense, position it as if getting into Vruksasana (tree pose), but instead of pressing the sole of your foot against the inner thigh, rest the side of your foot on the front of the thigh. If your foot is in half-lotus, reach your right hand round your back and hold onto your toes. Again, don’t worry if you can’t reach that fat It will come with practice, and you will still get a good stretch. On an exhale, fold forward and place your left hand on the floor. This is where your chair may come in handy on the way down.

Aim to rest the palm of your hand on the floor, but fingertips are fine if you can’t. You’ll just get a less intense stretch in your bum. Stay there for five deep breaths. To come out of the asana, bend your left leg slightly before you stand up. For maximum benefit why not try and repeat all the steps above using the other leg and side of the body? Other poses you can perform to help you master this pose include standing Tadasana (mountain pose), Natarajasana. Vruksasana (Tree), Garudasana (Eagle). On an aside note, practising these postures will also support the legs, spine and feet.

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