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Ask Yogi July 2023

Q: I am going through andropause and it’s not been so bad in terms of deterioration of my health as it’s been for some of my friends. Do you think I should increase or decrease my yoga practise? E. Taylor – Durham

A: Definitely continue as you are, meaning don’t lessen it but rather increase it. Yoga lessens the impact of both andropause and menopause. One thing is that we have to deal with old age and the body and mind do feel the effects of ageing as does everything else in the universe, from the flower, to the bumblebee to the feral cat.

Ageing is a natural process but we can choose to delay its impact or the harsher aspects of it if we practise a lifestyle that is conducive to such a way of living.

Yoga practise fits in nicely and anyone who is ageing can try improving their overall health by taking part in yoga. If you are thinking of a yoga pose to better enhance your health at this point in your life then try any number of recommended poses such as siddhasana.

This is an ancient posture that has been practised by sages throughout the centuries for the purposes of achieving high meditative states. It can also be used for cleansing the inner system of nadis (the inner nerves)and for helping the kundalini energy rise through the body. This in turn will help expel toxins, improve health and wellbeing.

Sit down on the floor so that the heel of the left foot is gently place against the anus and the right one just above the genitals. The spine should be kept upright and head and neck should be kept up. Hold the posture for at least sixty seconds. As you develop your practice you can hold the posture for longer.

You can also try gomukasana (cow face pose variation). Sit down on floor and bring the left heel of foot onto left side of the body and bend right leg so that the right knee and sole of foot touches the lower side of the left thigh.

Take the left arm back bending at elbow and bringing it up. Lift right arm bending at elbow and taking it back and clasp fingers of both hands together.

Inhale and exhale slowly. Hold for few minutes and increase timing of holding gradually over the coming weeks. Also alternate between sides for maximum benefit. This posture helps release toxins, provides an internal massage of the organs as well strengthen the pelvic and digestive regions.

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