February 24, 2024
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Ask Yogi August 2023

Q: Do you know of anything in yoga that can help me with opening my hips as they feel quite tight sometimes. S. Anderson – Wrexham

A: Try Trikosana (Triangle) as it helps to open the hips and also provides many other benefits including stretching the waist line. It provides internal strength to the pelvic and digestive areas as well. Trikosana comes from the Sanskrit word trikona, meaning three corners. Stand up straight and extend your legs wide apart as far as you can manage, without bending your knees. Turn your right foot 90 degrees and stretch your arms out parallel to the floor at shoulder level. Make sure your legs are straight and strong and your knees are firm. Breathe in and stretch your body towards the right as you exhale— don’t start to bend yet. On your next out breath, lower your right hand, aiming to touch the floor with your fingers or place your palm on the floor. If you can’t reach that far down, just touch or hold your ankle, calf or knee. Pull your left shoulder back and raise your left arm so that your arms are in a straight line. Look up at your left hand. Hold for five deep breaths, exhale and release. Repeat on the other side.

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