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Ask Yogi September 2023

Q: Can yoga help me with improving my concentration skills.
D. Hoffman – York

A: Yes, yoga can be helpful in improving concentration skills. The practice of yoga involves not only physical postures (asanas) but also breath control (pranayama) and meditation techniques, all of which can contribute to enhancing your ability to focus and concentrate. Here’s how yoga can help with improving concentration:

Mind-Body Connection

Yoga encourages the synchronisation of breath and movement, which helps create a strong connection between the mind and body. This heightened awareness can translate into improved concentration and focus in daily tasks.

Breath Control (Pranayama)

Pranayama techniques involve conscious control of your breath. Certain pranayama exercises, such as Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) and Bhramari (humming bee breath), can have a calming effect on the mind, reduce anxiety, and enhance mental clarity.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Yoga often includes mindfulness practices and meditation, which train your mind to stay present and focused. Mindfulness meditation, in particular, cultivates the ability to observe your thoughts without judgment, which can ultimately lead to better concentration.

Drishti (Gaze Point)

In many yoga poses, you’re instructed to focus your gaze on a specific point (drishti). This practice of concentrated gazing helps steady the mind and enhance concentration during physical postures.

Balancing Asanas

Yoga poses that require balance, such as tree pose (Vrksasana) or eagle pose (Garudasana), demand focused attention to maintain stability. This focus on balance naturally improves concentration.

Savasana (Corpse Pose)

The final relaxation pose in a yoga session, savasana, offers an opportunity to practice conscious relaxation. By observing your body and breath while remaining mentally alert, you’re training your mind to sustain concentration.


Like any skill, improving concentration requires regular practice. Consistently practicing yoga, even if it’s just for a short period each day, can help train your mind to stay focused over time.

Remember that yoga is a holistic practice that encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions. While it can greatly assist in improving concentration, it’s also important to support your practice with a healthy lifestyle, adequate sleep, and a balanced diet.

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