July 18, 2024
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Ask Yogi January 2024

Q: What are the cleansing techniques of yoga as I wanted to concentrate on these as part of my yoga training? T. Nayak – Kidderminsiter

A: References to techniques can be foundeven in ancient classical yoga texts.According to the Hatha Yoga Pradapikathere are six such processes. Each is then subdivided into groups.

The main subdivisions are:

Dhauti (i.e., tongue, ear, and toothcleansing)

Basti (i.e., colonic irrigation techniques)

Neti (purification of the nasal region)

Trataka (cleansing of eyes)

Nauli (cleansing of stomach usingchurning motion)

Kapalbhati (cleansing of skull). This is an all-body cleansing technique using pranayama)

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