April 20, 2024
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Ask Yogi March 2024

A: Yes cobra (bhujangasana) is perfect for releasing tension in lower neck and for making the neck muscles stronger in addition to neck rotational exercises and massage.

To perform, lie on floor with navel point facing downward. Prop your upper body up, keeping legs stretched out behind you and together. Keep arm straight.

You are mimicking a cobra. Slowly raise the head up as far as it can go as if you are a serpent who has awakened.

Inhale and exhale deeply through the nose for at least 20 seconds and then inhale and hold your breath and exhale.

The Gheranda Samitha, an ancient classical yoga book states that by practicing bhujangasana the physical fire will increase.

You will also notice that after regularly performing this exercise your digestion is significantly improved. This is another benefit you can gain from performing the cobra.

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