Hi Yogi Dr Malik,

I’m unable to put my feet flat on the floor when  performing Downward Facing Dog  I’m doing this wrong?, What can you recommend to help ?

Hi Jim,
It’s better to check with your yoga teacher as if you can’t put your feet flat down on the floor, which may be a result of tight hamstrings, then you may need to make some adjustments to the pose. You can also go online and check out this pose to see if you are doing it correctly. Alternatively you can do an Internet search for any DVDs or apps that you can download/purchase to show you how to perform the pose.


Hi Yogi Dr Malik,
I stupidly started smoking again after giving up for over 3 years. As part of my New Year’s resolutions I’m determined to give up and never go back! Can you recommend any yoga poses / pranayama exercises that can help clean out my system?

Hi Anna,
All yoga poses and pranayama exercises are designed to help clean out the system. Whatever yoga exercise you perform there are numerous benefits that arise as a result. Many yoga exercises such as stretches, bends and twists act as a tool for an internal massage, draining out toxins from organs and generally helping to keep  the body flexible and in good working order. Practicing pranayama exercises are excellent for releasing toxins as well, and again just like asanas help to rid the body of toxins, they also help to keep your mind steady and for releasing stress. Breathing exercises also oxygenate the blood and keep you youthful. There are countless exercises you can try, and I would highly recommend the following pranayama exercises, Kapal Bhati, Nadi Sodhana and Bastrika. For asanas as a basic starting point I would highly recommend you learn the mudras (body locks). They are absolutely essential tools for proper internal cleansing coupled with neti exercises such as jala neti. Regular practice will definitely reap noticeable results. Also follow the sequences and yoga exercises listed in the magazine as a starting resource to help you along. You may also wish to see your local pharmacist or GP to refer you to a stop smoking group .


Hi Yogi Dr Malik,
I’ve got a new job as a cycle courier which I love, but some days I’m cycling around 60 miles and I’ve started to notice that my thighs and my lower back especially are
getting tight. Can you recommend any poses or a sequence I can practice in the mornings to help?

Hi Marcus
Start with a regular soft massage if you can or a hot bath just to help relieve the pressure of these points on the body. Hatha yoga exercises are perfect for strengthening the back and to help release built up tension. Practicing Sun Salutations would make a perfect start to the day, and just a few minutes spent on each of the poses at least twice or three times a week in the morning will help you tremendously. Other stand-alone yoga exercises you could incorporate into your lifestyle and which are good for the problems you are experiencing include Natrajasana (Bow), Halasana (Plough) and Bhujangasana (Cobra). Also, if you are cycling 60 miles a day and it’s creating this much pain maybe you need to take some ‘responsibility’ to show compassion to your body. Ask yourself how long can you keep this up before you cause serious long-term injury to yourself? Is it really worth putting yourself in this much danger? You could try and manage your lifestyle better by cutting down the hours on cycling or looking for another job that could supplement your income .

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