21 Tips For A Healthier You in 2015

“New Year, New You.” With this slogan making its way around billboards and advertisements, it’s no wonder people feel compelled to make New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, more than 80% of resolutions don’t make it past February 1st. For reasons ranging from lack of commitment to setting too lofty of a goal, slowly but surely people begin to let go of their plans for 2015.
If you’re really looking to make a change in 2015, then forget the single resolution and consider adopting a few of the following twenty-one tips for a healthier you. These tips are not only more likely to stick well into the year ahead, but also have you start noticing the difference in as little as a week!


21 Tips For A Healthier You in 2015 - Breakfast1. Have breakfast

Often called the most important meal of the day, research has shown that people who eat breakfast usually weight less than those who don’t. By balancing fiber and protein, you can stay full longer and get a great start every morning.


2. Prepare more meals at home

People who cook at home eat healthier and consume fewer calories than those who order take out or eat at a restaurant. The key is to prepare more meals at home, not necessarily all of them!


21 Tips For A Healthier You in 2015 - Snack on nuts3. Snack on nuts

By snacking on nuts when you’re really hungry, you will fill your body with protein, fiber and healthy fats before you think twice about going to the vending machine for that candy bar.


4. Eat less “white” carbs

Carbs are an integral part of any diet. Instead of white rice, white potatoes and pasta focus on brown rice, sweet potatoes and cauliflower. You’ll stay full without making any unhealthy concessions.


21 Tips For A Healthier You in 2015 - Pump up your water5. Pump up your water

For some, water is just not a flavorful beverage. By adding mint, fruit or herbs, it can quickly be transformed into a desirable drink to sip on all day long.


6. Trust your pants, not the scale

Throw your scale away! It is easy to fall victim to the number so, instead, judge your health progress by the way your clothes fit instead of the numbers on the scale.


21 Tips For A Healthier You in 2015 - Get moving7. Get moving everyday

Not everyone has an hour to dedicate to the gym everyday, and that’s ok! There are ways to get moving in your everyday routine by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking far away from the building and going for casual walks after work.

8. Balance your gym time

If you do have time for the gym, remember that you don’t have to kill yourself everyday to see the results. A specially designed workout & diet plan can be more beneficial than overdoing it and injuring yourself. There are plenty of quick pre and post workout snacks like protein bars, shakes, or even nuts to give you the nutrition you need for a successful workout.


21 Tips For A Healthier You in 2015 - Sleep more9. Sleep more

Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. Skimping on sleep will catch up with you eventually, so be proactive and start now. Get as close to eight hours per night as you can and you will be surprised by how much better you feel waking up each morning.


10. Forgive yourself

Every human makes mistakes. Don’t allow your mistakes to be repeated, by learning from it the first time and moving on as swiftly as possible.


11. Exercise positive thinking

Instead of looking yourself in the mirror and pointing out your flaws, change up the script. Empower yourself with positive messages and, eventually, you’ll start to believe them and see the difference it makes in your life.

21 Tips For A Healthier You in 2015 - Make new friends12. Make new friends

Branch out of your social circle and make some new friends. Gaining wisdom from elders and energy from those younger than you will expand your perspectives on life and your self-growth.


21 Tips For A Healthier You in 2015 - Practise yoga13. Practice yoga

Yoga is an inexpensive and simple way to become mentally healthier and stronger. If you’re new to it, yoga retreats are a great place to start for inspiration.



14. Get a massage

Professional or not, massages are a way to signal your body to slow down, regroup and regenerate. Everyone needs a break from their routine, so indulge in a massage and your body will thank you.


15. Disconnect

In a hyper connected society, it can be easy to get lost mindlessly scrolling through your phone or computer. Whether it’s just for the evening, the weekend or even longer, it is healthy to disconnect every now and then.


21 Tips For A Healthier You in 2015 - Meditate16. Meditate

Taking care of your mental health is just as, if not more, important than your physical health. Both practices go hand in hand, so taking a short time out of everyday to meditate can put you on the right path for 2015.


17. Plan short getaways

Weeklong vacations are great but, to relax, a long weekend does just fine. Not only do they happen more often throughout the year, they are easier on your wallet as well.


18. Quit smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is not a healthy habit. If you’re not ready to totally quit, reducing your daily number can still be a big step to improving your overall health.


19. Wear sunscreen

The sun is out and damaging skin every single day of the year. It’s not just a health issue for summer, but for spring, fall and winter as well. Make sunscreen part of your daily routine.


20. Take care of your teeth

Being proactive about oral health will not only reduce the amount of bacteria and germs in your body but also reduce your dentist bill down the road. A true win-win situation!


21 Tips For A Healthier You in 2015 - Go to the doctors 21. Go to the doctor

Making an appointment for a check-up, overdue vaccination or health screening is an important task never to be overlooked and one of the best ways to start 2015 on the right foot!


Forget the single resolution that you know you’ll never reach, and add in as many of these tips as you can to reach a healthier you in 2015.

Bio: Deanna Ayres is the SEM Strategist and Community Outreach Supervisor at Promax & Samahita Retreat She loves to come up with new content strategies for and with her team and believes that connecting on a personal level is vital to success. Growing up in Europe has allowed her a unique insight into cultural differences in business & marketing. In her spare time she is a photographer, hobby cook with a love for coffee, gamer and geek. Follow her @deanna_ayres