5 Reasons Why Yoga At Home Rocks.

There are so many things that are wonderful about going to yoga classes and being taught by your favourite teacher giving her energy, time and own adjustments, and communing with our wonderful yoga community. And so many things that just don’t work, especially in these days where we are all bespoking and customising our lives a little, it seems a little, well, clunky to rely on your local gym or studio to practice. I practice yoga at home and rarely step out of my PJ’s and into the big wide world for a class (I guess there’s a reason why I Founded an Online Yoga company, movementformodernlife.com!)

Here are 5 reasons why Yoga At Home Rocks.

1 – The Time

Hands up here who’s got three hours five times a week to get to yoga class? You do?! So awesome, go you! You’ve just created the perfect life for yourself. Please let me know how you do it!

And sneaky hands up to those of us who just don’t have enough time to ‘go to yoga’? Yup, I’m in that posse.

The usual expectation is that everyone should be able to take the time to not only practice a 75 – 90 minute class but also spend the half hour or more to get to class, and then add to that 15 minutes either side of class. That’s around a three hour investment in yourself.

I LOVE that some folks are able to do this, but being able to do it more than once a week? What a luxury!


I hate to think that yoga is only for those with 3 hours or so a day available to them for their practice. I think that yoga is for everyone to do every day. Once you get into the habit of practicing yoga at home, you’ll find that you can quite easily carve out 20 or 30 minutes each day if your mat is right there. And in any event, I really believe that shorter daily practices are so much more productive than weekly long ones.

2 – Less stress

I used to spend most of my working day stressing about whether I could get to the yoga class at the end of the day on time. Crazy! But it’s a big deal and can be pretty stressful if you’re in the office and needing to leave at a certain time. I used to cycle from my office in the city to Notting Hill, to the yoga studio, nearly killing myself en route as I was always so late. Arrived puffing, sweating and often turned away for being late anyway. What a stress all that yoga was! The anxiety about being late for class used to be so stressful, and the thought that I wouldn’t get my class

The lovely thing about rolling out your mat at home is it’s really very stress-free. You create some time in the day to practice. Then you do it. And I haven’t once yet turned up late to my yoga at home class.

3 – You don’t need to live anywhere near a studio

The reason why I founded MFML was that I was living out in the countryside and the local teachers weren’t up to scratch in my humble opinion. I felt that I had no option – I wanted the very best yoga teachers to practice with, the mentors and senior teachers, the teachers’ teachers (I’ve been practicing for 20 years now, I like a teacher who’s done her homework!) So many of us folks don’t live close to a studio and finessing a home yoga practice is a beautiful option for us country dwellers to feel the yoga.

4 – You’ve woken up enough to bespoke your own practice

The trouble with classes is just because the teacher fancies teaching something or you’re available in a certain time slot, it means that you need to practice that class. I’m a yogi who knows what her body and mind need on any day. My practice varies widely from day to day, season to season. And just because the timetable says that 7.30pm is when Vinyasa is, it doesn’t mean that this is what my body needs or craves. Classes are full of individuals, each with their own bodies and needs, so it’s not surprising that a one size fits all can be a bit, well, unyogic. In the evenings before bed, I love a Yin routine. In the mornings, I’ll do something more fluid. But some days I have my period and want a supported practice, others I’m bouncing off the walls with energy and need to contain that. The fab thing about home practice is that you ask more questions of your body, of what it wants and what it needs, your practice becomes more internal, more inquiring, you can become more curious and extend the boundaries of your yoga. With Movement for Modern Life you can inquire into your body, your needs on a daily basis and choose from hundreds of classes online, safe in the knowledge that you always have the best teachers on hand.

5 – The yoga doesn’t end at class

It might just be me, but I like my yoga to go off-piste (or off-studio) and be with me throughout my day. When I go to classes, I somehow feel like I’m ‘going to’ yoga. When yoga’s at home, we know that our yoga is with us always at home, in our travels and is as part of ourselves as our skin. We don’t do yoga, we are yoga – and a home yoga practice, to me, feels like coming home to myself, my mat and my practice at home.

If you’d like to resume, or maybe start your home yoga practice, there’s no better place to start than with the best teachers in the UK and beyond at Movement for Modern Life, the UK’s online yoga site. Yoga anytime. Anywhere. Any wear. The best teachers from the UK and beyond are now in your home in your time. No need to get out of your PJ’s to get your daily dose of yoga. We believe in 4am sessions in dodgy tracksuit bottoms. In the privacy of your own home. When we move more, we feel more. When we feel more, we live more. It’s time to stand up and stretch out. Try these videos for free, and then check out movementformodernlife.com with a no commitment 14-day free trial here.

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