What does the yoga tradition say about honoring the Earth?

I’m sure there are scholars who could answer that question better than I, but I think one of the reasons there’s so much environmental degradation is because many of us are suffering from self-hatred and we’re disconnected from ourselves. We don’t take care of the world around us because we’re not taking care of ourselves. That’s why yoga is powerful, because when you start to tend to your body, your breath, and your heart, there’s a natural and spontaneous desire to take care of everything around you.

Can you recommend a practice we can do on Earth Day and any other day to honour the earth?

All standing yoga postures develop a strong connection to your legs, which are your roots. They connect to the earth in a really conscious, powerful way. Triangle pose, Warrior pose, Side Angle pose. Tree pose is a good one! These postures also prepare you to sit comfortably in meditation so you can just be with the earth in a peaceful, kind way. When we sit still and connect to the earth, we’re connecting to a presence that’s much older and wiser than our individual thinking mind or our ego. The earth is like a goddess, and she’s a part of us. So we’re connecting with a part of ourselves 

that is wise, true, steady, loving, kind, and regenerative.
Sitting on the earth is also how we ground our energy
so that we don’t get trampled or destroyed by our
own mind. All of the teachings about meditation, the
breathing, the softening of the skin, the relaxing of the
shoulders, the slowing down of the heart rate, turning
inward, feeling your connection to the earth, they’re
all designed to reconnect us to our greater Self, to our
Truth. And the more we do it, the easier it becomes.

You wrote a song called ‘Ahimsa’, which you
define as “the yogic ethic of non-harming.” How
do you practice ahimsa in your own life?

I’m not a master of ahimsa, but I’m striving toward
that ideal. I think ahimsa is a lofty goal, because we
create so much harm just by existing on this planet, but
the point is to have something to strive towards, so that
we’re creating less suffering in ourselves, our families,
our relationships, and in our environment.

What’s your new memoir, Spiritual Graffiti, about?

It’s a really fun story about my journey from being
a misfit to becoming a mystic. When I was a teenager, I
was kicked out of three schools. I lived in a group home,
and I used to get arrested for being a graffiti artist. Then
I discovered yoga at the age of 18 and it took me on

an incredible journey around the world. Spiritual Graffiti is a story about the power of yoga, music, and finding true love, because that’s how I met and fell in love with my wife.

What are your current creative projects?

I’m in the studio working on a new record, and I’m hoping to do a European tour soon. I’ve never been to Europe, other than Germany!

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