7 ways to beat the Sunday Blues

7 ways to beat the Sunday pre-Monday Blues by Natasha Moutran, Co-Founder of The Retreat Collection


We’ve all been there and know that dreaded feeling…The Sunday Pre- Monday Blues. After a welcomed weekend it can all go wrong so quickly once Sunday afternoon hits and it can be all too easy to get carried away thinking about your week ahead and letting any tension or stress creep back in too soon.

I’m a firm believer of making the most of the whole weekend and never letting the Sunday blues get to you, so here are my top 7 tips on beating them for good.

1. Be present. The pre- Monday blues are exactly that… Pre! The emotions that can come along with this are often solely associated with the future and in fact nothing to do with the present moment. Embrace your Sunday afternoon for what it is and practice being present rather than already looking ahead to your week.

2. Keep busy. Sunday afternoon is often a real wind down time for many people. A time when often you do some laundry, watch TV or do other little jobs around the house. This can often mean the mind is free to overthink the week ahead. Why not try keeping busy? I like doing some exercise on a Sunday afternoon and use this time to go on a nice long run. You could even sign up for a class to learn a new hobby or take the time to read that book you’ve been meaning to get through. Whatever you do, make the most of your time.

3. Positive thinking. Practicing mindfulness and positive thinking can be an incredible and quick way to banish the blues. Take a moment during your Sunday afternoon to be grateful for your weekend and think of three things you have to look forward to in your week ahead.

4. Prepare for a great Monday. I love starting the week with a smile and a bang! Instead of dreading this alarm, I invite you book in something really fun for first thing on your Monday to start your week the right way and take a little ‘you time’ before you get going. One of my favourites things to do is go to a spin class first thing on a Monday. It’s a real motivator and gets you feeling happy and awake for a great day to kick start your week.

5. Eat healthy. What we eat can be a huge contributing factor to how we feel. Feeling a little low on Sunday afternoon can often be due to many factors including over indulging throughout the weekend. Try having a little detox during this time, eat something healthy or make yourself a lovely cleansing juice to feel clear and clean, and a little fresher before starting the week. Alcohol and sugar can make you feel low, so if you know you’re susceptible to the blues then try to avoid this over the weekend to help stay happy and positive.

6. Make a ritual. Make this time on a Sunday a precious moment of ‘you time’ with a pre week ritual. This could involve having a long relaxing bath in Epsom salts or essential oils, doing a mini facial, cooking some yummy food for the week ahead or reading your favourite magazine with a cup of tea. Building a relaxing and calming ritual will help you stay calm and feeling positive and will also transform this Sunday afternoon time into one of your most treasured times in your week.

7. Meditation. A regular meditation practice is one of my absolute top tools in life to stay happy and help reduce any anxiety or low feelings and emotions. Start a meditation practice to end your weekend on a high and start your week feeling peaceful. You can start with just 10 minutes of focusing on your breath, clearing the mind and finding stillness and gradually build it up. Not only will this help you feel better about you Monday, but meditation helps improve sleep, reduce stress, help you stay present and also can assist in putting things into perspective. Take this moment of quiet, contemplation and picture a wonderful week in front of you.


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