A Band Of Brothers

abandofbrothers is a UK charity doing pioneering work with the most disaffected young men in society. Using Rites of Passage experiences, they connect previously destructive young men to a sense of purpose and belonging within a supportive community.
“Before, I didn’t trust [my son], I was scared of him and thought that I has lost him to drugs and prison… Thank you for giving me back my son.”
– Mother of abob Participant, Brighton

Young men who join the abandofbrothers programme are 70% less likely to commit offences and over 70% of graduates are now in meaningful employment or education. All of this has been achieved by a group of volunteers. Older men (over 29), drawn to the idea of abandofbrothers because they could no longer stand aside whilst young men wasted their own lives and damaged the lives of others. These volunteers all undergo rigorous training and development to connect to themselves more fully that they might better serve the young men. It takes a great deal of courage to be a mentor for abandofbrothers. Disappointment is built in and as many reader of this magazine will know, any sort of consciousness journey requires a steadfast commitment and a willingness to face our ego and shadow.Band of brothers image1

“I spent 2 and a half days being able to talk about myself and my feelings and I haven’t looked at the world in the same way again. I’d never really seen men looking after each other in that way.”
– Lucas Pyke, 23

abandofbrothers believe that society has forgotten how to teach young men what it is to be a man; believing passionately that rites of passage is the key to channelling this powerful, young male energy into positive rather than destructive behaviours. They provide a weekend course, The Quest, then a three month mentoring programme with additional transformative experiences like climbing Snowden together.

To find out more and support us in our pioneering work, please visit abandofbrothers.org.uk

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