A Detox with a Difference

Lake and house

A Detox with a Difference at Pennard House

A truly immersive health and wellbeing experience in a quintessentially English stately home.
Pennard House are excited to announce the Winter 2015 dates of their exclusive weekend yoga retreats. Wellbeing and Ayurvedic yoga are on offer at the retreats starting from £325 per person, with activities ranging from meditative walks, yoga workshops, learning about holistic medicine and detoxing with healthy vegetarian meals. Located just minutes from the legendary Glastonbury festival site, the quiet picturesque location and rolling Somerset countryside offers guests the chance to escape from the city to recuperate and enjoy the fresh air. Complete with a lawn tennis court and cider-producing apple orchards, Pennard House is a unique destination with plenty to entertain guests when the workshops are complete. There is even the opportunity to take an invigorating dip in the Victorian outdoor freshwater swimming pool.

Winter 2015 Yoga Retreat Dates:

AyurvedicYogi: 16th – 18th October (2 nights)

WellbeingYogi: 20th – 22nd November (2 nights)

Example itinerary (wellbeing yoga)

8am – 08.25am: Silent walk in tranquil surrounding countryside
8:40am -10:40am Morning yoga and meditation class
10.40am Healthy nutritious veggie Brunch
11:30-1:30pm: Massage & free time: read, explore, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings
1:45-2.45pm Guided country walks with the family Labradors
3.00pm: Healthy light lunch
3:30 – 5:30pm: More treatments to pamper yourself or free time
5:30 – 7:30pm Evening yoga and meditation class
7:45pm: Delicious vegetarian feast

Pennard House

Having been in the same family since the 1800s, Pennard House has retained a homely atmosphere, where guests can join the family, for a cup of refreshing green tea, around the kitchen table. Recognising the benefits and importance of using local, organic produce, the home-cooked meals at Pennard House are sourced from nearby farms, emphasising the natural quality of this particular yoga retreat. The food is gently detoxing, it’s all vegetarian, made without sugar or dairy products, and low in wheat and gluten. Pennard House offers a retreat to nature, stripping back the demands and pressure of modern life, allowing guests to unwind and reclaim a renewed sense of self. Health and Wellbeing Travel Trends Travel trends for 2015 tell us that wellbeing and fitness retreats will continue to gain momentum, with celebrities and the public alike sharing their fitness goals and engaging with healthier lifestyle choices on a variety of platforms. ‘Detox’ remains a buzz-word, with sugar-free, wheat-free diets gaining increasing popularity among celebrities and food-writers. Additionally, ‘staycations’ and finding authentic British experiences will become increasingly popular in conjunction with the fashion for country pursuits.

To register for the retreats, email [email protected] or call 01749 860 700


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