A Jivamukti Yoga class, focusing on Chakra tuning.

Steph Knight

12:30 – 14:00
Ticket Price: £13
(Workshop 2)

“Reality is as limited or unlimited as choosing a doorway to walk through.

the chakras represent these multiple doorways into reality. We have a choice to experience through any one of these doorways a facet of the total cosmic reality” David Life

According to the theory of Yoga, we have five bodies, known as Koshas. These five bodies encase our true Self in a vehicle known as  upadhi.  The seven Chakras are the centers of the energetic body (pranamaya kosha) and relate to the various relationships we have with the ourselves, each other and the earth. During this 90 minute Jivamukti Yoga workshop, we will explore these seven doors of perception, using asana, pranayama, bija mantra and other meditation techniques.


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