September 25, 2023
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So often in life, we find our-selves swamped by the constant demands for the day to day life. Long meetings that could have been an email, late nights at the office trying to meet deadlines, barbeque with the in-laws that you’ll never impress, weekends swamped with house chores-it all takes a toll on you. Sometimes your mind and your body just needs a break from the daily drudgery. I recently discovered the perfect place to take this much needed break.

Tucked away on the eastern corner of Cyprus, right by the sea, the Robinson Cyprus is a nice little getaway destination. And for those focusing on their physical and mental health and wellbeing, it has all the ingredients to help you take care of your mind and your body.

If you’re here, I suggest you start your day with a relaxing yoga session.

Take a morning yoga class to clear your mind, rest and rejuvenate. The yoga classes take place in an outdoor area directly by the beach so you can practice yoga while listening to the sounds of the waves at the sand and feeling the breeze in your hair. The yoga classes there offered up a variety of options with focus on mobility, dance and movement. The classes are very beginner-friendly, so anyone can join in. But if you are an advanced practitioners and want to stretch your bones a bit, there are several advanced classes you can take. After the yoga session, head on to their restaurant to enjoy a leisurely breakfast or you can book an exclusive breakfast at the Breeze Beach club overlooking the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. Once you’ve lingered over the breakfast long enough, unpack your swimwear and go for a dip in the ocean. The water there is warm and clear, perfect for a bit of sea swimming. Since the resort sits on a stretch of nice, sandy beach, you can also lounge in the morning sun for a bit along with other guests for a while.

If swimming is not your cup of tea, you can also try a variety of water sports in the sun including stand up paddle boarding, kite surfing, surfing, wind foiling and catamaran sailing. I have to admit though, that paddle boarding is a lot harder than I
imagined. Once you’re done with the water sports, there are a number of land based activities for you to also try. The resort has a bunch of tennis courts, volleyball courts and football field. Pick your poison. If you’re alone, you can even sign up to an app that pairs you with a tennis partner or volleyball team.

For a less sweat-breaking activity, you can try archery with a bow and arrow. You can go sightseeing around the area. A Greco-Roman amphitheatre still stands in the site that has been restored and is still used for performances. If you like cycling and would like to take a trip around the area, you can rent a bicycle. The bike station at the resort has some top-quality mountain bikes and racing bikes that you can use to go around and enjoy a stunning view of surrounding mountains. In between all of these activities, don’t forget to sneak a few bites of the delicious food at the resort.

The main restaurant at the resort offers some amazing Cypriot food. Enjoy the kebabs, fresh fish, cheeses and dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. In the evening, you can also head back to the Breeze beach club where they hold BBQ nights up to three times a week. After your long day of activity (and delicious food), enjoy a relaxing Ayurvedic aromatherapy or a deep massage to work out all the tension in your muscles. You can also take a late night swim at the resort’s pools to wind down. Our spirits need a break every now and then. I enjoyed giving my spirit a break at the Robinson Cyprus.

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