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In October half-term 2015, join leading international charity ActionAid to visit Mozambique to help build a centre for people affected by violence.

The charity, which works in over 45 countries, is travelling to Marracuene, which is 30km north of the capital Maputo. There, a lack of access to basic services such as healthcare, criminal justice and social services mean that violence rarely gets reported. The people affected, who are mostly women and girls, lack the confidence to speak out, fearing reprisals or compromising family honour.

Projects of Lugela - MozambiqueThis centre will be a place where, for the first time, the community will be able to access support for survivors which will help them to see justice being done. In the long-term, ActionAid hope that this centre will act as a catalyst to reduce violence permanently, as well as improving women’s rights overall by supporting them to make their voice heard both inside and outside the community. The charity is known for its extensive work with the poorest women and children in the world, changing their lives for good.

If you decide to take up this challenge you’ll be working alongside local people to build this much-needed centre. Perhaps you’ll be digging the foundation, clearing land or mixing concrete. Never held a shovel in your life? That’s not a problem. You don’t need any building experience to take part – just a whole lot of enthusiasm, motivation and the desire to get stuck in and lend a hand.

As part of the weeklong experience, including travel, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore Maputo, and enjoy the warmth and vibrancy of Mozambican culture.

If you are interested in being a part of our First Hand Experience please call 01460 23 8047 or email [email protected] Alternatively, you can download an information pack at

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