Africa Yoga Project

Yoga is part of an enormous, and growing world wellbeing market. In the US, over 36 million people practise yoga and spend more than $16 million on yoga classes, apparel, and products. Globally, the wellness industry represents a $3.7 trillion market. Meanwhile, more than 70% of Kenyans are under age 30, and they face a national unemployment rate of 40%. AYP is helping young people in Kenya and in 15 other African countries to increase their employability and tap into the economic opportunities of the wellness industry.

“It’s really about opening the wellness market in Africa and training young people in the slums on how to enter this market,” says co-founder of Africa Yoga Project, Paige Elenson. “The idea is to train people for jobs that don’t exist already, unlike traditional initiatives for addressing unemployment.”

Youths can join this program by earning a scholarship to a 200hour yoga teacher training program held annually. Scholarships are made available by global participants who fundraise to sponsor scholarship candidates. Upon completion of this program, they are certified to teach yoga and can join a 3-year academy program where they continue to develop professional, personal and leadership skills.

Our vision is to create opportunities for youths to step into their greatness and become self-sustaining leaders in their communities. Currently Africa Yoga Project has trained more than 300 instructors who provide more than 300 free yoga classes per week in communities that wouldn’t typically have access to wellbeing services, reaching more than 6,000 people per week.

Yoga means ‘Unity’, and in the current difficult times we face, it is more important than ever to create platforms for connection across cultures, nations and backgrounds. AfricaYoga Project offers programs for people from the all over the world to share knowledge about wellbeing services, and in turn, the visitors create connections half a world away and develop a deeper understanding of people different from themselves.

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