African Promise

For nearly eight years, the charity African Promise has been working in Kenya to improve the provision and quality of education in rural primary schools.

Enhancing learning is at the heart of what they do and the charity achieves this through a holistic range of programmes that enrich teaching environments, provide increased access to educational opportunities and improve the welfare and wellbeing of pupils. The charity’s work is invaluable. It has built or upgraded around 60 classrooms, installed hundreds of safe and hygienic toilets, and provided tens of thousands of textbooks and reading books so that the children can learn effectively. It also funds the salaries of a number of much-needed extra teachers, helping to keep class numbers low and manageable, and in addition delivers a school meal programme so that the children are not learning on empty stomachs.

Working with a network of seven partner schools in the isolated and impoverished Kasigau region of Kenya, the charity serves around 2,500 children from disadvantaged and underprivileged backgrounds.

Primary education has been free in Kenya since 2003. However, the reality of a government-funded education for over six million pupils in over 25,000 primary schools is that limited financial resources are spread very thinly when faced with the current demands. This is particularly problematic in rural areas and results in high class numbers, dilapidated and over-crowded classrooms, and an acute shortage of even the most basic learning resources.

But through the work of organisations such as African Promise children are now receiving an education worth having. The charity has impacted on the lives and education of more than 5,500 children to date and the work they undertake today will benefit thousands more children tomorrow and for generations to come. But they need your help to continue this vital work.

One of the ways you can support the charity is to become a monthly giver. A donation of just £5 per month will help the charity ensure one pupil has all the basics they need for learning: a trained teacher, their own desk and textbooks and a daily lunch.

To find out more and to give the gift of an education please visit