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Alanna Zabel

Discovering yoga and becoming a yoga teacher were both unintentional, as all of the other powerful occurrences in my life. In my early twenties I trained as an actor in NYC and Oxford. I was working as an actor consistently while living in NYC, during which time my acting coach gave me an atypical role as a young woman who moves to LA suddenly and her life falls apart. After a month of intense rehearsals, a situation and job presented itself for me as an opportunity in LA. A near replica of the script I was rehearsing, I moved to LA and the life that I had known began to fall apart. Once I made the connection to how my energy spent rehearsing had affected the circumstances in my real life, I made a choice not to play anyone but “me” – once I figured out who that was. I founded ‘AZIAM’, standing for ‘Alanna Zabel I AM’, shortly thereafter.

During the process of searching to understand ‘who I am’, I have delved into psychology, theology, philosophy, and mythology, while searching for clues. I realised that these external perspectives were wonderful distractions of someone else’s past reality interspersed with brilliant concepts, but they were not the source of personal self-realisation. It was when I discovered Ashtanga yoga and Vipassana meditation that I felt I had finally obtained the tools to practise true self-exploration, at deeper, subconscious layers of the mind-body source.

I practise the eight-limbed path of yoga and I view the asanas as preparation for clear-minded meditation and expanded consciousness. My personal journey is to merge spirituality and symbolic psychology with reality. I seek to live consciously aware of absolute divine reality while living amongst a misaligned and disconnected world. My intention as a teacher is to help each person who enters my class to be comfortable ‘as they are’, allowing any illusions and defences to begin dissolving away.

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