Amisha Ghadiali

Amisha first came to yoga back in 2004 whilst she was working for a Congressman in Washington D.C. The local yoga studio that she found became the perfect antidote to working in politics. As somebody that had never enjoyed sport, she discovered something in yoga which was unique: an opportunity to strengthen her relationship with her body and connect to new and old parts of herself in an authentic way in a loving community. Over the years, this love of yoga and meditation has expanded and she took the natural step into becoming a teacher.

Her classes are dynamic and soulful, strong yet relaxing, focused on clear alignment and moving from the heart. She has a calming presence and uses playful theming, mantra, meditation and experience of exploring world wisdom traditions, to leave her students with magic, grounding and joy they can bring into their daily lives.

Amisha has used these practices in her own life to work with trauma including recovering from being run over by a pick-up truck and burnout. She found that when she was too busy with other projects (her background is in sustainability, ethical fashion and creative activism) that her yoga often took a backseat unless something was wrong. Making these practices a central part of her daily life has been deeply empowering and this inspires her to offer this same balance and release to stressed Londoners.

Healing is key to Amisha’s approach. She is a Reiki master and intuitive healer who works with clients to clear blockages for greater freedom and wellbeing. In addition Amisha has been designing jewellery for her own label with the tagline ‘elegance rebellion’ since 2006, working with semi-precious stones. She brings all this awareness to offer a holistic approach to her clients and students.

Amisha is a big advocate of nurturing soulful community and is the co-founder of ‘108 London’, a yoga studio without walls that curates events across London, bringing yoga, healing and other activities together. She believes that the benefits of yoga asana, meditation, mantra and yoga philosophy are there for everyone and loves to teach people from all backgrounds, especially those who think they won’t be ‘good’ at yoga.

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Photography by Helen Abraham

Clothes and accessories: Amisha’s own including People Tree, Uma K, Amisha Jewellery, Beyond Skin, Phat Buddha, Onzie and charity shop finds.

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