AMMA – Embracing the World

Humanitarian and Spiritual Leader Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma) has personally embraced 33-million people on six continents and has established the volunteer based humanitarian and charitable organisation Embracing the World (ETW).

ETW was launched to help the world’s poor, to fulfil basic needs, provide disaster relief, address environmental issues and conduct cutting-edge research.

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Each and every project was initiated in response to the stories of hardship and suffering that Amma listens to day after day. These include: 

• Vocational training and start-up capital for 100,000 economically vulnerable women.

• 1,000,000 trees planted as part of the UN’s Billion Tree Campaign.

• First wireless safety device for women in India.

• Feeding ten million people in India and 75,000 in the US every year.

• 45,000 new homes and 1,600 families relocated from slums.

• Free medical care for 2.6m patients.

ETW is a UN-recognised NGO, active in more than 40 countries worldwide. In each region projects are managed by an associated not-for-profit organisation, run by people inspired by Amma’s relentless commitment to relieve suffering across the world.

Compassion is the cornerstone of Amma’s message and life. She says, “It is through giving that we progress on the spiritual path.” Her emphasis on seva (service) means that volunteers carry out the vast majority of ETW efforts, thereby ensuring that support and funding directly reaches those in need.

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“I think that international NGOs and UN agencies have something to learn from the work of Amma and what she has been able to build.”

Olara A. Otunnu, Former UN Under-Secretary General

How can you help? Embracing the World volunteers find those less fortunate in their own communities and identify specific needs that are not being met. In the UK, this includes a homeless project in Oxford, tree planting in Dartmoor and supporting a housing association in London.

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