Anatomy of Mountain Pose

Yoga is all about bringing the body and mind into a wholesome state of being. From there our conscious self can expand and make a profound difference, moment to moment in our everyday life. So stripping everything back in our yoga practice on a daily basis is rudimentary. Postures can be driven by the ego, and more often than not we are all to eager to jump into something more challenging, and neglecting the primary practice of yoga. We need to have a very clear understanding of how we are holding our self physically and psychologically before we can begin our practice. Tadasana is perfect for this. Working from the ground upwards with your feet placed together, get a sense of how you stand. Is your weight equally distributed or do you lean more on one side?

The muscles on the inside of the upper legs keeps the thighs together.

The hamstrings hold the dynamic tension from the sit bones at the base of the pelvis.

Stand tall so that your posture is upright. Bring awareness into your spine and shoulders, do not protract or pull back too far. Feel into the natural alignment of the body.

The neck and skull should be consciously engaged – allow them to softly lengthen towards the sky. What is your feeling around the neck area? Can you feel the natural alignment of the spine from the sacrum right up into the base of your skull?

Allow the arms to hang loose from the shoulder girdle.

Bring your awareness into the rhythmic expansion and contraction of the breath. At this stage you will bring your self into a point of total embodiment, priming you for the start of your practice.