Andrea Marcum

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When I first started yoga I was on a neurotic quest for more, more, more. Nothing was ever enough: no workout, no amount of success, no expression of love, nothing. I managed to turn everything into a let down. I was restless, impatient, and had decided that I was horribly lonely. That was my story and I was sticking to it.

Yoga introduced me to a part of me I’d not yet met. There’s something wonderfully confrontational about that first Down Dog. Yes, we are inverting our heart and hips above our head, and strengthening and stretching muscles we didn’t realise we even had. But we can feel that we‘ve stepped into something deeper than we realised, like walking out into the surf and suddenly finding an unexpected drop beneath our feet. Off-balance in this new terrain, we discover the grace, courage and patience to spread our wings and turn let down into lift off – impatience into inspiration.

I’m a former gymnast originally from Santa Cruz, California. Though I’d have voted myself ‘Least Likely To Be An Entrepreneur’, I opened U Studio Yoga in Los Angeles in 2006.  You can practise with me from anywhere in the world online at My Yoga Online. I’m big on weaving philosophy into my Vinyasa style classes and my recipe includes equal parts sweat and laughter too. I enjoy leading the most unassuming newbies to yoga and mindfulness and work with everyone from athletes to executives. I’d love to have you join me for a Wanderlust teacher training, on one of my retreats or at festivals internationally too. I’m an ambassador for lululemon. Shape, NFL Network, Los Angeles Times, Huff Post and Self have featured me. Though my early childhood aspirations were to be buy accutane online usa, I’m pretty happy with the way things have turned out.

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