APRIL 2021 is OUT NOW!

Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

The most radical act of self-care is when you start taking care of your body as a necessity and rest accordingly. A rested being is always more productive, focused and happier. And what better way to rest than to immerse yourself into a deep sleep? We, at YOGA Magazine, are pleased to bring this issue which focusses on Yoga Nidra, right around the World Sleep Day of the 19th of March.

Tracee Stanley, elucidates “Yoga Nidra”, as the ultimate tool to handle the current pervasive stress and reveals the components you should know before embarking on the yogic sleep journey. Ana Lilia delves into the effects of sleep deprivation and ways to get enough sleep for a better quality of life. In “Lockdown Health”, Dr. Uma Dinsmore- Tuli explores the regular practise of falling asleep whenever you want with the right choice of yoga nidra recording.

Still on the topic of sleep, Phil Lawlor shares his insight into lunar insomnia along with tips to get a proper night’s rest on a full moon day. You can enjoy “Winter Hibernation Ritual” by Sinead Duffy and “Yoga Nidra – Relax, Rejuvenate, Reform” by Anandmurti Gurumaa, a modern-day sage and an avant-garde metaphysicist. “Are You Suffering from Sleep Disorders that could be Life-threatening?” reveals an alarming statistical picture of the prevalence of sleep disorders and the distress it causes. Pierre Bonnasse takes a deep dive into yoga nidra meditation, “The Kiss of the Goddess”, based around an interesting story from the ancient scriptures.

We join Rebecca Dennis with her article “Mini Yoga Nidra Exercise” and Gurpreet Kaur with “Best Asanas for Shoulder Pain”, both featuring step- by-step instructions for a quick and rejuvenating yoga routine.

The three informative articles relating to eating disorder recovery, how much to cook so as to not destroy the enzymes and how to ensure that we have the right balance of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids in our diets to protect our immune systems, I believe, would read well in conjunction.

There’s lots more packed in this month’s magazine to add flavour, variety and insight into several dimensions of yoga which I’m sure you will enjoy and appreciate.

Finally, you would not want to miss the sermon by Sadhguru, a yogi, mystic, visionary and a New York Times bestselling author, who projects yoga as a technology for inner engineering.

May you be blessed with tranquility!

Yogi Maharaj Dr Malik


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