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Thank you for purchasing, reading, skimming, sharing this magazine. We would all like to wish everyone a peaceful and blissful April. The spring-time is making way for early summer and everywhere we see the beauty and majesty of the natural world. Be mindful of how precious ‘your’ life is. We sometimes forget how wonderful life is. How you negotiate your way through life is not only dictated by external forces but also the choices you make about your health and wellbeing. A small investment in health, even 15 minutes of yoga a day pays great dividends to improve the quality of your life. Try it yourself and experience the benefits whether you are managing an existing health or medical condition, supplementing an existing sports practice or starting afresh. For those who are practising students and teachers or anyone engaged directly or indirectly with the work of ‘yoga,’ a whole new ‘way of life’ is opened to you.

We are delighted to feature B.K.S. Iyengar in this issue. Mr. Iyengar is acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest Yoga Teachers and Masters. His influence has been far- reaching and his presence influential. His lifelong work and legacy remains intact even to this present day. Mr Iyengar created innovation, change and was one of the first modern Yoga Teachers to make the teaching of yoga truly accessible. He is remembered not only for his practical yoga but his great love, passion and devotion that he openly shared about this subject matter. Genny Wilkinson Priest provides her expert advice on what steps to take to become a yoga teacher. She also reminds us of the value of ongoing training and experience, ‘‘you might be ready to begin teaching but you are certainly not ready to stop learning. Qualification is only the beginning’’. Maria Jones provides an insightful overview of Chair Yoga . This style of yoga is accessible and brings great benefits to the body and health. Vivianne Nantel (Devi) explores the mystical power of mantras (sacred sound). She also shares her story of her Cancer journey and recovery.

Jordan Ashley describes the impact that yoga is making in empowering women worldwide, the significant ways in which yoga practice can be taken out of the studio and around the world. Her inspirational words are sure to get you thinking about how you can use your yoga skills to empower others, ‘‘yoga is about being fearless to be a warrior for change; first with yourself and then with the world around you. For me when yoga is taken out of the studio and into the world that the greatest shift in consciousness occurs because we can realise and see through first-hand experience for ourselves that we are, in fact, all one’’.

Also check out Zoe Watson’s advice on how to create your very own wellness sanctuary at home. Alessandro De Gregorio founder of Terre Verdi shares her exclusive expertise on organic skincare. Lisa Sanfillipo discusses the health benefits of yoga for Sleep Recovery . Sinan Yilmaz founder of TOETOE shares his story of the brand’s humble beginnings and we take a look at some of the super-cool designs. This month I take a look at 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 of Chapter 1 of the ancient text Yoga Sutras written by Patanjali. Later on I also describe the yoga sequence known as Surya Namaskaram, an ancient methodology for health. And Hannah Barrett predicts her yoga and wellness trends for 2020. ‘‘Yoga has a strong community whether it’s in your local class or online via social media platforms such as Instagram. Having a strong sense of community, connection and support is an important part of wellbeing and overall happiness. It also really helps to keep you motivated’’.

Many thanks and wishing you a prosperous, abundant and stunningly special month.

– Yogi Maharaj Dr Mallik, Editor