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Dear YOGA Magazine readers,

I hope you have a peaceful start to the month and thanks for buying or reading this magazine. We really appreciate your support and hope that you discover lots of ideas for your yoga practice as well as your related wellness lifestyle.

The UK hosts some of the best Yoga, Wellness and Vegan Festivals. 2019 showcases an innovative and exciting list nationwide. Some great line-ups,  include Soul Circus(Cotswolds), Vegan Events UK Festivals (various locations), Life Arts Wellbeing Festival (Chelmsford), The Big Retreat (Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales) and Body & Soul Festival(Ballinlough Castle grounds, Ireland). We’ve got all the details inside. This edition of YOGA Magazine covers a range of diverse subjects and everything in between  all designed to engage your attention. There’s so many good things packed inside. Anna Ashby, Senior teacher at triyoga explains Restorative yoga and meditation practice. Carolyn Cowan an International Kundalini yoga expert and counsellor provides advice on how to deal with the signs of menopause. We are also delighted to feature Sarah Brown, author of ‘Healing With Yoga: The BRCA Gene and Me’. Her story is inspirational and unique. Her courage and brave attitude to life is a lesson for all of us.

Mindfulness and meditation, (signifi cant aspects of yoga practice, though not exclusive to this discipline) are featured throughout. We also feature the work of Lorraine Flaherty. If you are really committed and want to shift your life-purpose then see her article on Inner Freedom.

Tashi Dawn, yoga teacher at Kali-Yoga highlights the practice of Yoga Nidra.

Our stellar columnists including Nanci Sherman, Dr Katz, Fiona Lamb, Nicole & Lauren Windas, Alex Crow provide insight, comment and advice about wellness. A national heritage and icon, Prince Charles introduced the Yoga in Healthcare Conference earlier this year and this month we take a closer look at how the NHS is integrating yoga into its systems.

There’s plenty of ideas for getting away this summer. In this issue, we’ve covered immersive hot yoga in a grotto at the Grotta Giusti Tuscan Spa Hotel – delightful. Sunrise and Sunset Roof-Top yoga at the Cugo Gran Macina Grand Harbour, Malta is on off er for anyone wanting a higher altitude experience. If you are looking to de-tox and cleanse your body – then the Park Igls Mayr clinic is a good place to do just that. Situated in Austria and surrounded by a mountain range with its own unique park fi lled with natural beauty it really does live up to its excellent reputation.

Founder, Karen Schneck shares the inspiration behind Evveervital, a fashionable, functional and eco-friendly active-wear brand and we check out the latest cool Spring/Summer collection from Toe-Sox. Keith Squires shares super-delicious recipes for healthy eating and I really do hope that you enjoy reading the magazine. Again, thanks ever so much for your support and we wish you all a peaceful and blessed April.

YOGA Magazine loves  Queen Elizabeth. She is a national treasure and adored by millions of people. Her Majesty is a highly talented, super-fashionable and intelligent, captivating and adorable icon. Her presence is legendary and although these references to her Majesty are nothing at all to do with yoga per se – they deserve mention here because April 21st 2019 is the Queen’s actual birthday (although her offi  cial birthday is celebrated later in the year). Happy Birthday Your Majesty from all of us at YOGA Magazine.

Lots of Love and best wishes

Yogi Dr Malik


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