Are You Living the Life You Want?

Author and purposeful living catalyst Sarah Rozenthuler shares seven top tips for Living Your Heart’s Desire and fulfilling your deepest potential

What happens if you wake up one morning and realise the life you’re leading isn’t the one you want? Where does the dissatisfaction come from and – more importantly – what can you do about it?

On the eve of her hotly anticipated “Living Your Heart’s Desire” workshop at the London Wellbeing Festival on Saturday 29th April, Sarah Rozenthuler – renowned author of Life-Changing Conversations and purposeful living sparkplug, shares seven tips for living life passionately and fulfilling your deepest potential.

As most of us well know, finding a path through life that brings deep satisfaction can take time, persistence and courage to deal with the inevitable setbacks and missteps along the way. However, Sarah assures us the search is definitely worth it.

“When we discover what is ours to do in this world, it generates a great sense of aliveness,” Sarah elucidates. “Attuning to our calling is not, however, something that we typically know how to do. Unless we’ve been very fortunate, most families, schools and organisations don’t show us the way to our north star. We’re often guided, sometimes goaded, to become someone we’re not, or we’re told to play safe, stay small and stick to the tried-and-tested.

“Passively waiting for our vocation to reveal itself doesn’t work,” she continues, “and single-mindedly following a set of carefully crafted goals won’t take us to the promised land either. It’s when we find and follow our inner compass that we have the best chance of discovering our true north.”

Here are Sarah’s seven top tips for Living Your Heart’s Desire.

1. Accept what is

Change begins with acknowledging what is. Many people get stuck in jobs and lives they don’t enjoy because they’re in denial of what’s actually going on. We need to allow ourselves to feel our frustration, disappointment or despair in order to see clearly what’s happening inside us. Agreeing with reality as it is, rather than pushing it away, creates the possibility of changing it.

2. Disarm your inner critic

The presence of our inner critic is pervasive in our psyche. It often speaks to us in terms of shouldn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t, which if left unexamined, makes it very difficult for us to move forwards. When you catch this critical voice coming up, actively counter it – “You have no idea what I’m capable of!” or “Back off and let me be!”

3. Go within

Our heart’s desire often remains so elusive because we pay more attention to outward appearance than inner experience. How will I look if I do this? What will others think? Ask instead: What do I really want to do? What energises me? What feels as though it’s uniquely mine to do? Let go of approval from others and notice what feels authentic to you.

4. Take time out

Create space to reflect. Go for a walk in nature, book a retreat, travel to somewhere new. Ensure that decisions you make are true to you. It’s all too easy to fall in with what others expect you to do. What buzzes you might be very different from other people’s ideas about who you are. Stay anchored in your own sense of self.

5. Re-connect with your childhood

Look at your past to go forward – see where you’ve been to better understand where you’re going. There are often clues to your heart’s desire in what made your heart sing as a child. You might find it helpful to ask parents, siblings or old friends what they remember about what you loved before all the other influences of growing up kicked in.

6. Notice what’s pulling you

Where do you feel drawn? In what way is the future calling you? What is your intuition saying? Your next step might not make much sense right now – it’s often easier to join the dots with hindsight. Your true work, for example, might not even exist in the current world. You don’t have to try and fit into a box that already exists.

7. Let it find you 

There is no technical fix or tick-box approach to finding our true path in life. Goals can all too easily become a straightjacket rather than a springboard. Take time to notice the unexpected and unsought after – a conversation that surprises you, a job ad that catches your eye or an opportunity that appears out of nowhere. The path that is really yours to walk sometimes comes and finds you.

Sarah Rozenthuler gives a ‘Living Your Heart’s Desire’ workshop at the London Wellbeing Festival on Saturday 29th April (6.30pm-7.45pm) at London Olympia, co-facilated with Edward Rowland, leading systemic coach and founder of The Whole Partnership for purpose-led leadership (for which Sarah is a co-director).  BOOK NOW TO SECURE YOUR PLACE! For further information about Sarah Rozenthuler and Ed Rowland visit:


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