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Chris Nelson is the founder of the highly acclaimed Ashiyana Yoga Retreat in Goa, India. Students and holidaymakers travel from around the world, drawn by the opportunity to engage with like-minded souls in a tropical home away from home.

Ashiyana was created with the philosophy of ‘giving back’, and this is clearly evident with the various social enterprises Chris and his team have implemented over the years in Goa, such as the Nepal fund which was set up in response to the affected families after the devastating 2015 earthquake; partnering with the Sisterhood foundation, which helps women and girls in the developing world to achieve a brighter future; and partnering with Welfare for Animals which is an NGO dedicated to rescuing animals in need. 

Ashiyana ensures that it’s an integrated element of the local community with well over 10,000 visitors having frequented the local shops, massage parlours and restaurants, enabling them to thrive and prosper. The local ecosystem is fragile, and aside from beach cleaning initiatives, responsible sourcing of raw materials, Chris installed a reverse osmosis water filter on day one, with the intention of being as plastic free as possible. 

Expanding upon the success of the Goa retreat centre, Chris took up an opportunity to purchase land Alto Paraiso, Brazil, which is an ideal location for the sister retreat to Goa. 

When asked about his vision for Alto Paraiso, Brazil, Chris explained: 

“Alto is a very special place and is in a truly unique location with exceptional bio-diversity, and its bedrock of crystals interwoven with rivers and waterfalls means that walks off the beaten track are truly spectacular.”

Over the last few years, we’ve been slowly developing the land, planting trees, making wonderful friends and learning about the needs of the local community. We now need help in finishing Phase 1 of the project, comprising of the 3 Rs of our R3volution:

Relaxation – Complete the building of the Retreat that will finance the other two elements moving forwards.

Rehabilitation – Build a community/workshop space for the Rehabilitation Project, which integrates men and women back into society following drug and alcohol abuse. 

Reforestation – Prepare the 9Ha (hectares) of our agro-forestry project land for further planting, and build a sheltered structure with store for the workers .

Ashiyana’s whole philosophy is based upon the creation of a virtuous loop of sustainability:

Once the Retreat is completed next summer, we’ll be able to further fund the Rehabilitation and Reforestation elements of the project, as well as employ some of the workers who’ve been displaced from the fields by modern farming methods. 

Our agro-forestry project will employ the same men and women that have been rehabilitated back into society, and their labour will enable the sale of seeds, saplings and trees, providing funds for our other social projects. 

Our good friend Zizo, who lives on the land, is an expert in permaculture and agro-forestry, and with his help we hope to inspire many others to live in harmony with the land. 

If this project has grabbed your interest, we’d love your support!

To follow our campaign, get exclusive access to some amazing perks and help us to continue the development of these enterprises, please check out our Indiegogo crowd-funding page and Join our R3volution! For more information, visit

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