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Yogi Maharaj Dr. Malik our Editor (since 2003) is a recognised International expert and authority on the subject of yoga. He has been practising, researching and studying this discipline for over 45 years.

He is an accredited Yoga teacher specialising in kundalini, hatha and laya yoga. Our Editor is an advanced practitioner and has experience of many styles of yoga. He has also been teaching for over 20 years and is fluent in several languages, including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujrathi, Persian and Urdu.

Q&A Yogi Maharaj Dr. Malik

Please could you recommend some exercises that I can practice in a sequence for overall health and wellbeing? - F. Slater, Surrey

Yes, Surya Namaskaram. When you perform Surya namaskaram it affects every part of the body refreshing and cleansing it. It is a tonic for the human body and if regularly performed it will immensely improve your beauty, charisma and health. Regular performance of the surya namaskaram will keep you feeling active and fresh throughout the day.

Surya namaskaram internally massages the spine and makes it flexible. Flexibility equates with youth. If you perform surya namaskaram regularly, and without a break in the exercises, then every organ of the body receives a share of blood. Furthermore, your digestive system will become more active. To achieve maximum benefit perform this set of exercises daily in the morning. Surya namaskaram helps clear toxins from each chakra. There are so many health benefits of practicing this sequence. This sequence is an ancient set of 12 exercises performed in one sequence. Allocate a few minutes for each depending on your outlook, disposition and time.

Surya namaskaram is named after the majesty and power of the Sun. The sun is a star and its benefits have been known to yogis for centuries. There are other stars in the universe, and without doubt there must be stars beyond our reaches which must have their own families of planets with their own life forces. Man has yet to reach these farthest stars. Mankind lives according to the movements of the sun.

The sun is a magnificent star; it is one of the many hundred billion stars that inhabit the Universe. It is ancient and when we perform this exercise for instance we will be emulating the wisdom and stature of this amazing object which is over 4.5 billion years old. It is a cardinal principle of the laws of nature that if you keep your internal bodily machinery healthy then your exterior will also benefit. This set of exercises has also been modified by various schools of yoga.


1. Dakshasana
2. Namaskarasana
3. Parvatasana
4. Hastapadasana
5. Ekapadaprasana
6. Bhudrasana
7. Ashtangapranipatasana
8. Bhujangasana
9. Bhudrasana
10. Ekapadaprasana
11. Hastapadasana
12. Namaskarasana

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