Ask Yogi Maharaj Dr. Malik

Yogi Maharaj Dr. Malik our Editor (since 2003) is a recognised international expert and an authority on the subject of Yoga. He started his training under the guidance of Yogis from the Himalayan region at the age of six and also received instructions from Sufis, Lamas and Sadhus. He is an accredited Yoga teacher specialising in Kundalini, Hatha and Laya Yoga.

Founder and pioneer of Yogology, a spiritual technology which combines ancient traditions and principles of Laya, Hatha, Kundalini and meditative practices, Yogi Malik began teaching this over 20 years ago. He has spent a lifetime dedicated to researching, teaching and sharing his knowledge on yoga. He is also a practitioner of related alternative therapies, including Shamanism.

Q&A Yogi Maharaj Dr. Malik

Q: Lately, I have been feeling quite fatigued and tired. I had blood tests done recently and they came clear so I'm not suffering any medical problem. I'm not really living a busy life. I've been a yoga student now for almost 4 years and my teacher has advised me to continue with my practice. Please can you recommend any yoga asana that I could benefit from to help me combat this feeling? - S. James

It’s all good that your blood tests have come back clear. Please do continue with your normal yoga practice. Furthermore, pay attention to your general diet as well. Sometimes food (even some seemingly healthy ones) can bring on fatigue. Drink plenty of water. However, not so much that you are literally drowning in it internally. You may also wish to supplement your diet and lifestyle with some vitamins. Vitamin C is a good energy booster.

Try the Paschimottasana yoga exercise, (also known as Ugrasana). If you perform this exercise it has excellent benefits for the health. It provides a natural massage to the spinal cord along with providing support and strength to the legs and muscles of the abdominal region. It is also recommended for general digestive problems. These can be a significant cause of fatigue especially if food and toxins are not appropriately expelled.

I have tried and tested the following exercise and find it has many benefits including keeping excessive fat off the waist and toning the related area. If practised regularly, it provides an extra boost of energy as well as improving mental wellbeing because when you feel ‘good’ you think well and are happier.

Ugrasana/Paschimottasana (Ferocious Pose)

Bring your legs together and then stretch them out and bring your head down so that it touches the knees and hold the feet with the hands. Hold position. The length of time of holding depends on the physical fitness of the practitioner.

This exercise has been around for hundreds of years and is mentioned in the classical yoga book, the Siva Samhita as well. In this ancient book it is stated that the yogi who performs this exercise regularly is also able to acquire extraordinary supernormal powers. It is further stated that because of the acquisition of these powers, this exercise should be kept extremely secretive and not shared with anyone who is not yet ready to receive instruction.

This pose is also excellent for gaining control of the breath. Proper breathing has an impact on how we feel – fatigued or pepped up with energy. You may wish also to ‘up’ your practice of pranayama (breath control). Ask your teacher to guide you and teach you the kapal bhathi which is a highly recommended exercise especially for boosting energy levels as well as for general overall body and mind detoxification.

Q: I am 67 years old and have been a reader of your magazine now for over nine years and enjoy learning about yoga. I was hoping you could suggest any yoga exercise to help me support my digestion. At the moment I am relatively healthy but would like to improve the working of my organs in my stomach and surrounding areas. I'd rather learn an easy pose than anything too complicated! I can't twist my body as much as I could a few years ago. - S. Thomas

I am pleased that you are enjoying overall good health and thanks also for reading our magazine. I can definitely suggest a (relatively easy) pose that hopefully you can introduce into your life. I often recommend tadagimudra to my students as a way to pep up energy levels and for good gut health.

Tadagimudra (Water Pond Pose)
Lie down on the  floor pulling your stomach muscles in as far as you possibly can so that it forms a cavernous  shape like a deep cave or dent. This exercise is mentioned in the ancient classical yoga book, the Gheranda Samhita. It states that if one masters and practises this regularly, they will improve their longevity and keep the body youthful. You may wish to inhale deeply when pushing the stomach in and down and then exhale when releasing. Hold for as long as comfortably possible.

Other direct benefits of performing this include improvement in digestive conditions as well as significant improvement in health. Internal muscles of the abdominal region including waste organs are given an internal massage when the pressure of the stomach moving downwards is applied.