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Ask Yogi December 2022

Q: Is it true that negative thoughts make you ill? My daughter was saying she read about this in your magazine and I told her to behave herself because illness is caused by germs. I wanted to check in with you first. D. Irvine – Burnley

A: The strength of negative thoughts that occupies the mind, will impact the body. The impact on the body will be negative because the fear-based ‘thought’ acts almost like an electric shock. The higher the negative frequency or voltage, the greater the impact.

Your muscles and organs may constrict, and you may find that parts of your body become painful as the negative emotional state sets in. Indeed, many people do not consciously realize when their body has or is experiencing negative consequences of the thoughts that they hold in their mind.

The body also has its own innate intelligence. Thousands of years ago, yogis identified how the mind directly affects the physical body. In the modern world, it has only recently been accepted by researchers in scientific circles, that what you think does in fact impact your health and your social skills.

There is an increasing body of research that supports this idea. On the same vein, there are hundreds of studies out there that corroborate that the practice of yoga helps with anxiety, depression, fear, and many other modes of thinking. Yoga practice can definitely help manage such conditions.

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