September 25, 2023
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Ask Yogi March 2023

Q: What are the best ways to help flatten the stomach and remove bloating? any ideas would be welcomed as I am looking to work on the tummy. J. Clarkson – Portsmouth.

A: A wide range of yoga postures, from beginners to advanced can help specifically target parts of the body where fat has accumulated as well as other substances such as water retention. Sometimes it is not even fat that causes the appearance of being overweight. If you are experiencing any such effects then pay attention to your diet as well. There’s a number of yoga poses that can be practised for the purpose mentioned including navasana (boat), dhanurasana (bow) and bhujangasana (cobra).

Aside from physical yoga poses you should also concentrate on pranayama (breathing) exercises such as kapal bhathi (skull shining) and nadhi sodhana (alternate nose). Although physical poses are excellent for toning the stomach, the importance of breathing exercises should not be overlooked. Sometimes its not always the diet that is the cause of the weight gain, for example unchecked stress can lead to weight gain as well; therefore it is vitally important to also concentrate on practices that can instil calm and relaxation such as meditation which have significant positive benefits on the mind, and in turn help improve overall wellbeing and health.

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