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Ask Yogi May 2023

Q: A few months ago, my daughter was diagnosed with anxiety and is currently taking antidepressants. She has never practised yoga and someone suggested that she join a yoga class. She has decided that she wants to give it a try if I go along with her which I am willing to do. Do you think yoga can help her? P. Foster – London

A: Many studies have shown just how well yoga is for relieving anxiety. Different types of postures help to release stress, tension and fearbased emotions that can contribute to anxiety. Pranayama (breathing exercises) even simple basic ones can help to release anxiety. The added bonus is that the blood will also be oxygenated and toxins removed providing the mind and with an energy boost. Some yoga poses you can learn and try or ask your yoga teacher to teach you, especially for anxiety, include matsyasana (fish pose), dhanurasna (bow) and ushtrasana (camel). With respect to pranayama, deep abdominal breathing and Nadi Shodana (alternate nostril breathing) is ideal.

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