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Ask Yogi May 2023

Q: My wife suffers from high blood pressure and was diagnosed recently. Is there any yoga that he can try to help him with this condition please. S. Kiritkumar -Sheffield

A: If he can try the following asanas (see below), and practise them regularly hopefully, he will see some significant improvements. However, bear in mind that if he is on medication then he should also follow his GP’s advice. If the poses help him, he can then manage the condition alongside his traditional medicine. Balasana (child’s pose), savasana (corpse poses), baddha konasana (bound angle pose) and virasana (hero pose).

These poses are designed to reduce pressure of the heart and to help the body relax. High blood pressure has several underlying triggers including stress, lifestyle and diet. From my own practical experience having worked with hundreds of students over three decades, I would say that many people have experienced great improvements in their condition by following a regular and disciplined yoga practise. Other ways to help your husband is to get him to practise pranayama (breathing exercises). If stress is factor in his blood pressure (which is the significant contributor in many cases), then finding ways to relax is a must.

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