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our constant love and support is what keeps our entire team motivated and going. It is for you that the content we share touches an array of ancient and practical trends in yoga and wellness that revolves around healthy mind and body. We’re constantly trying to respond to our readers’ needs and provide valuable knowledge on yoga practices, philosophy and mindful lifestyle tips that will help you find harmony on and off the mat.

Our August issue is all about spreading the power of positivity and mindful living. I am delighted to present an exclusive interview with Gemma Merna, former Hollyoaks actress and yoga teacher, currently on a fund- raising marathon mission. Rola Tassabehji, in Why Yoga Gets Better With Age, explains how with each passing year, yoga provides her with new moments of stillness to clear the mind and create a space in her body. Medicine hunter, author and yogi, Chris Kilham shares methods of True Kundalini that holds extreme potential to assist you with vividness, energy, spiritual awareness and harmony. While Oliver James shares eight extraordinary things about breathing, a fundamental key to life and healthy living, Keith Lowenstein and Lyndsey Anderson continue to enlighten us about another cornerstone of Ganesh Baba’s wisdom and teachings, the Cycle of Synthesis.

Considering the present-day scenario of work environment, the article Are You Working Too Much? delves into the dangers of hustle culture along with providing practical tips for a healthy work-life balance. And we join Shuntao Li in Getting Ready for Outdoor, with step-by-step guide to some of the best yoga poses to practise in the park. Eva Kristlova’s unique birthday celebration experience of doing yoga outdoors I am sure, can inspire you to spend your special day with loved ones in a refreshing way.

In our nutrition section, Abakus foods illustrates the sustainable properties of seaweed farming and suggests how we can incorporate it into our daily lives. I enjoyed reading Keith Squires’ brief encounter with Uncle Max, outlining this aboriginal elder’s views on the relationship between food and nature. Learn about this little known pranayama technique, Kaki Mudra, that helps promote the growth of a healthy gut microbiome and eliminate bad bacteria.

In the mood for a relaxing getaway, golf break or planning a business trip or a wedding? Have a look at what Draycote Hotel has to offer. Located in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, it might just be the place you’re looking for. And if you were waiting for the second part of the interview with Sadhguru, a highly influential yogi and a New York Times bestselling author, make sure you hunt through these pages to find this and much more. 

Stay mindful and positive!

Yogi Maharaj Dr Malik


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