August Issue OUT NOW!

This month we take a look at the benefits of a juice detox retreat, and how to get the best out of juicing, along with the best ingredients for making your own juices alongside a couple of deliciously healthy drinks.
Christopher Gladwell returns to look at the fascia – the body’s elastic web that assists in our structure and movement – and by understanding how the fascia works we can adapt our yoga practice accordingly.

There’s also a Yoga for Fighters home workout – and even if you don’t practise contact sports, this workout will help you strengthen and tone the body, relieve tightness and tension and improve mobility and stamina.

We have two guest teachers this month – Emma Bonnici and Davin Jones who guide us through the Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced poses, before a Kanga yoga sequence to work the hip flexors, thighs and feet that also improves awareness, strength and opens the body.

This month’s fantastic competition is a week’s yoga and Pilates retreat in the Canary Islands.

Plus we investigate the wisdom of the divine intuition and we show you how to take control of your worry, fear and doubt.

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine, and look forward to meeting with you in September.

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