This back bend will open your heart to the fullest potential. It’s also the ultimate hip opener, which will reduce and eliminate negative effects of stress on your body. The pose can sometimes make us venerable as it opens, strengthens and balances our sacral charka system. Breathe through discomfort and allow your emotions to arise, buy zetia generic alternative focused on your heart or set an intention of love and the courage will build within.
How To Perform

• From kneeling, legs slightly apart keep upright; keep the shoulders and head bent backwards.
• Bring the hands behind you and press into back of pelvis.
• Inhale deeply and bow your head, tucking the chin into the sternum, lean shoulder blades backwards pushing hips forward.
• Lifting up the chest, start to tilt the head backwards.
• Bring both hands into Anjali mudra; slowly bring hands to the floor followed by forehead.
• Take a deep breath and extend hands arching them backwards, tailbone under the hips forward.
• Upper thighs are perpendicular to floor then drop back.
• Fingers touch the ankles, if you can grab the heels.
• Place back of the head onto soles of the feet.
• Hips further forward, lengthen spine, lowering the forearms to the floor and bringing elbows closer.
• Extend the neck and forehead to the floor.
• Inhale deeply, and as you exhale press the forearms and shins to the ground.
• Hold for 5 deep breaths.
• Release the grip and use leg strength and core back to kneeling position.
• Rest in Child’s pose.


• Stretches the entire front of the body.
• Massages the digestive system, great for elimination.
• Realigns the spine.
• Helps women trying to conceive.


• High or low blood pressure.
• Insomnia.
• Serious lower back or neck pain.


• One legged Eka Pada Rajakopotasana.
• Kneel with back against the wall, bringing the crown of your head against the wall and placing forearms against the wall.