Back Up

Did you know that in the UK alone, someone has a spinal cord injury every eight hours? In addition the suicide rate for those with spinal cord injuries is five times that of the national average. Back Up was founded in 1986 by the former British and European Freestyle Skiing Champion and James Bond stunt double Mike Nemesvary, whose life was devastated when he broke his neck during a training session. Despite being paralysed from the shoulders down, Mike was determined to get back to the life he enjoyed prior to his injury.

Although Back Up was initially set up to offer ski courses for those affected by spinal cord injury, the charity has expanded its services to challenge and empower people to get ‘back up’ to a place they were at before their accident. Back Up’s courses and mentoring services significantly improve the confidence, wellbeing and independence of those affected by spinal cord injury as well as their family members.

However, currently Back Up can only provide support to half of the newly injured population in the UK. The charity plans to raise £250,000 to make sure that it can reach at least 60% of those newly injured and provide the following services:

• Reach more people over 50 (the largest growing group of people sustaining a spinal cord injury) and run courses and services that meet their needs.

• Develop more services that are suitablefor people with

• Cover the higher care costs associated with taking increased numbers of people with more complicated spinal cord injuries on courses.

• Expand the mentoring service to support family members of people with spinal cord injury.

• Further develop opportunities for young people and children with spinal cord injury to gain confidence and independence.

How can you get involved?

Yoga events are great ways to raise money and recent Karma yoga classes and workshops have raised several hundred pounds for Back Up. If you would like to run a Karma yoga class/workshop or another event in aid of Back Up or make a donation please contact [email protected] or visit for more information.

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