Banishing the flu blues this winter

Natasha MoutranAs the seasons change the dreaded flu can creep up on us when we are least expecting it! So if you’re feeling under the weather, try these healthy ways to beat the lurgy from, co-founder of The Retreat Collection:

  • REST… and don’t feel guilty about it. If you need to sleep SLEEP, if you need to lie down, DO IT! Your body needs it and you’ll only get better if you listen and do as it says.
  • VITAMINS. So we all know we need Vit C when we’re sick, however there are better ways to go about this intake other than guzzling orange juice from a carton. EAT your vitamins – they’ll hold much more nutrients than the juiced variety. And it’s not just in fruits, but veg too! Brussel sprouts, red pepper and cauliflower all have more vitamin C than oranges.
  • BLUEBERRIES. Make sure you up the blueberry intake, they are bursting with powerful antioxidants that help boost immunity. Why not add a handful to you breakfast in the form of a shake, with yoghurt & granola or if you need that little treat there are always some yummy blueberry pancakes.
  • GARLIC. Your housemates may not love you for it, but eat as much garlic as possible. Well if it keeps the vampires away it must be able to scare off the bugs too!
  • GREEN TEA (and black and white…really any tea, but green is my favourite!) Not only is this great for a sore throat and warming you up when you have the shivers, but it also contains antioxidants known as catechins, which are thought to have flu-fighting properties. So grab the tea bag, pop the kettle on and drink up!
  • DARK CHOCOLATE. Yep chocolate is a great cure for colds and flu, but only the dark kind I’m afraid. So before you go grabbing a Kitkat, aim for something at least 70% or over. This way it will be full of polyphenols, a great antioxidant to help fight off those bugs, as well as containing zinc as an added bonus. Don’t over do it, but a few small squares won’t do you any harm. Also sucking on a small square it great for sore throats and if you’ve lost your voice.
  • MANUKA HONEY. It really is the answer to almost every ailment in my house – if in doubt, grab the Manuka honey! It boasts antibacterial powers, the potency of this depending on the rating it has (10+ and so on), and was therefore predominantly used for treating wounds. However, it is now a regular household item and can also help with digestion and building immunity. It will also give you a much needed energy boost when you haven’t been feeling well. I like to add it to hot water, fresh lemon and ginger for a yummy morning drink, but make sure the water is boiling and has cooled a little so as not to destroy the healthy bacteria. Manuka honey is also the most effect treatment for a sore throat and lost voice.

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