Become a YGB Film Series Sponsor

An exciting opportunity to join forces with Yoga Gives Back.

A series of three short films document inspiring stories from India of mothers and children and the challenges they face fighting to get out of poverty. Filmed and produced entirely by YGB team, the YGB Film Series tells stories of our fund recipients, the businesses they started, the cultural and economic hurdles they face, and their personal desires for their children. Through Yoga Gives Back’s micro-financing and educational funds, we witness how these women and children are progressing towards self-sufficiency for generations to come.

Premiering at the esteemed Ashtanga Yoga Confluence to an audience of 500 yoga enthusiasts in San Diego, March 3rd, the YGB Film Series will be screened at prestigious global events such as Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong this June and shared on YGB’s YouTube channel, the Yoga Gives Back web site, and several other social media outlets.

YGB’s mission is to share real-life accounts with donors, supporters and the media so that all may witness first-hand the impact contributions to YGB have. Show us your support for the elimination of poverty through the economic progress of women by sponsoring the Yoga Gives Back Film Series.

Your name or band will be credited as a “Sponsor” in the film as follows:

  • In one of the films for $500
  • In all the films of this new series for $1000

To see an example of one of our eye opening films click here.

Sponsorship first deadline is March 31st. Please write to [email protected] to participate.

Thank you for your support.

Kayoko Mitsumatsu
Yoga Gives Back
501C3 Non Profit Organization
Los Angeles, California, USA