Beer Salutations? Urban OM, A Yoga Centre In The Heart Of Stockholm Is Challenging The Beer Yoga Trend

Unless you’ve had your head in the clouds recently you will have noticed the increasing trend of pairing yoga with anything and everything. Yoga with cats, yoga with goats, and now yoga with beer. Whilst it’s great to engage with people in a new way to inspire them onto the yoga mat – is beer yoga going just a step too far?

Urban Om thinks so and they’re hosting a range of events, at music festivals and on city rooftops, to turn the craze on its head. Non-Alcoholic Organic Beer Yoga is Urban OM’s response.

Neo Moreton, Founder and CEO explains:  “We are in favour of sobriety and feel that alcohol has no place on the yoga mat.”

“I’ve been sober now for over eleven years and love the drug free ecstasy that comes from a yoga way of life. Why on earth would anyone want to blur this new vision of living with alcohol? All we are saying is give peace a chance.”

All of the events have been well attended and it’s certainly started a conversation.

Neo goes onto explain the benefits of the Urban OM philosophy: “The natural high that comes from living Urban OM’s three keys – being in the body, being real and being together is totally awesome.”

Photography by Kalle Sund

“Being in the body is an antidote to cure the modern phenomena of ‘disembodiment’ caused by urban overload. We emphasize cultivating sensitivity of both the physical as well as the subtle body by training stress reduction and interoceptive awareness. Evidence-based yogic practices applying the therapeutic qualities of postures, breathing and relaxation practices allow the bodymind to strengthen & heal. These practices are inspired mainly from the Krishnamacharya yoga lineage with elements of Tantric and Kundalini Yoga.”

“Being real enables development of a sense of self and to nourish the connection to truth that can cut through the illusion, dream and deception of the mind. Self-inquiry – honest introspection – is an ancient practice found in every spiritual tradition. We offer trauma-informed therapeutic sessions and group structures with an underpinning of humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Being authentic is one of the most important practices we can learn in this life.”

“Being together is a method of creating safe space to merge body and mind and to explore the magic of letting go into ‘something more’. Active and contemplative meditative practices inspired by the contemporary and ancient esoteric wisdom of Osho, Tantra and Zen help participants to transcend the fixation with individual self and cultivate a deeper sense of inner connectedness.”

After visiting Urban OM last week I found it to be far more than just a yoga centre. It’s an urban oasis for city dwellers to meet, connect and explore being together. It’s a community where everyone’s welcome and everyone’s connected.

Urban OM uses a simple approach to give tools to members to discover ways to ‘be’ and not struggle through life. To support this, they offer over 50 weekly yoga and meditation classes led by highly trained instructors plus regular immersions and special events, daily body and talk therapy sessions and an outstanding certified yoga therapy teacher training offered by international expert trainers.

Article written By Hannah Anstee
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