BOAT POSE – Navasana

Beginner BOAT modification
This is a beautiful pose to build strength in your core. It is ideal to practise before arm balances to awaken your abdominal muscles and help you find levity. It is also lovely to practise after backbends to neutralise your spine.


Begin seated with your knees bent and toes just off the floor so you are balancing on your sitting bones. Take hold of the backs of your thighs and slowly lean back whilst straightening your legs, making sure you keep your spine neutral. Squeeze your knees together to activate your abdominals and extend your arms either side of your legs. Lift your heart forwards, draw your shoulder blades together and look to your toes.

Breathe here for 5-10 breaths and then release to seated.


• Brings awareness to and activates core muscles (abdominals, pelvic floor, obliques, diaphragm, hip flexors, and back muscles).
• Builds strength and stamina in core, hip flexors and upper back.
• Improves balance.
• Enhances digestion.


Full Boat pose requires strength and body awareness so you may need to begin in Baby Boat. Keep your legs bent and, as you gain strength, work towards the full pose.


Avoid this pose if you’re pregnant or if you’ve had abdominal surgery or spinal disorders.

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