Ardha Baddha


(Inhale): In Samasthitih (Standing posture), transfer your weight over to your left leg and lift your right foot off the floor. Use both hands to receive your right foot, hold your foot like a plate and then internally rotate the foot/ankle. Relax your calf muscle and bring your heel into your lower left abdomen. Hold onto your foot with your left hand and then reach your right hand around your back and take hold of your foot.

The state of the Asana (Exhale): Now folding, place your left hand firmly on the ground next to your foot. Drop your head, pull up on your kneecaps and thighs and straighten your standing leg. Put equal foundation between the foot and the hand contacting the earth. Hold this asana for 5 breaths- maintain focus and inhale and exhale as much as possible.

(If you can’t make the bind behind your back you can start by using a strap to make up the difference. If you are using a strap, you will probably need a couple of blocks for the hand that would normally be making the contact with the earth)

(Inhale): Look up third eye, keeping a straight arm and back.

(Exhale): Transfer your weight from your hand to your standing leg.

(Inhale): Slowly lift the torso up straight and release from the pose to a neutral standing position (Samasthitih). Stay here for a few breaths as your blood disperses. Focus on being grounded- inhale and exhale as much as possible.


• This is a detoxifying pose. The blood supply to the bound leg and arm is cut of slightly and when coming out of the pose and the freshly oxygenated blood flows strongly back into the organs and limbs.