Bound Lord of The Dance

Bound Lord of The Dance

• Begin by standing in Mountain Pose (Tadasana). Fix your gaze (drishti) on something steady and still. Bend the right leg, drawing the heel toward your seat. Catch the right ankle with the right hand. Find balance here.
• Begin to bow forward as in Kneeling Bow pose by pressing the right foot into the right hand as you hinge forward at the waist.
• Continue to arch the spine as you reach the left arm around the front of the body to reach the right foot. Using the left hand, begin to work the right foot inside the crook of the right arm, all the while maintaining balance.
• Once right foot is firmly in the crook of the right arm, press the right elbow behind you. Extend the left arm overhead to reach back for the right hand.
• Maintain an even breath as you continue to bow the right foot into the right arm, arching forward to deepen the backbend and lift the gaze.
• Hold the posture for 5 breaths and release the grasp and leg with control.
• Return to standing and repeat on the opposite side.


• Stretches and strengthens shoulders, chest, spine, legs and ankles.
• Centres and focuses mind.
• Enhances balance and posture.
• Focuses the gaze (drishti).
• Activates heart and throat chakras.


• Low blood pressure or dizziness.
• Injured ankle, knee, shoulder, spine or hip.
• May be initially performed at a wall to practise balance.

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