Indulge in this self-nourishing sequence and allow your breath to be your guide to flow you deep into your unique self.
Creating space around your heart and shoulders that naturally ignite feelings of self-love, Courage and freedom.

Hero’s Pose
Virasana variation

In Hero’s pose tune into your slow inhales and exhales and swish the arms forward rounding the back of the shoulders and offering space to the back of the heart. Pause here and allow the breath to discover the back of the body.

Hero’s Pose
Virasana variation

Tune into your breath and open your arms like wings behind you feeling spacious in the front of heart and chest.
Allow your slow deep inhales and exhales to be your guide as you flow through these arm swishes 6 to 8 times.

Cat Pose

On your hands and knees and flow into Cat pose arching through the length of your spine feeling space to the back body.

Cobra Pose

Slowly start to wave forward from Cat pose. Lower your hips and pelvis onto the earth flowing up into Cobra pose. Press your palms into the earth, elbows soft, and pause and feel for 4 to 6 nourishing breaths.

Locust Pose

From Cobra pose roll down onto your belly and chest and clasp the hands behind your back. Lift the head, shoulders and chest and ease the hands down towards your tailbone. Pause and breathe for 4 deep breaths allowing space to flow into the heart space while giving your shoulders a lovely release.

Lunge Pose
Ajaneyasana – Variation

From kneeling step the right foot forward, knee above the ankle. Clasp the hands behind the back and reach the fists down towards the tailbone. Lean back lifting your chest lowering the head back if it feels right to do so. Pause for 4 to 6 deep breaths. Repeat on the other side.

Hero’s pose
Virasana & Lotus Mudra

Return to Hero’s pose. Hands to your heart centre in Lotus Mudra to open the heart to joy. Close your eyes. Bring awareness and focus to your breath. Be here, feel and notice. Namaste.

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