British Yoga Festival – Only 4 Weeks To Go!

british yoga festival
Yoga Magazine is proud to announce our first British Yoga Festival. This three-day event will showcase a wealth of yoga styles in a fun and relaxed setting from some of the most respected teachers from the UK and beyond.

Whether you’re a yoga novice or a seasoned practitioner, a fan of Acro yoga or Shakti Dance, or you’re looking to try out a new style of yoga or want to practise with your favourite teacher, the British Yoga Festival is for you.

From Bhakti Yoga, Jivamukti and Fierce Grace, there’s an array of yoga styles for you to experience.the British Yoga Festival has got every base covered and is guaranteed to be the hottest yoga event of the year.

Here’s a rundown of some of the top workshops:


Natasha Kerry British Yoga Festival

Natasha undertook her teacher training in India at the Yoga Vidya Gurukul ashram, and completed a further training in Baptiste Vinyasa Power Yoga and intensives in Ashtanga Yoga with John Scott and Restorative Yoga Therapy with Bo Forbes. She is currently a member of the core teaching group of Triyoga’s Hot yoga teachers. She teaches classes in Kensington and Chelsea and runs frequent Yoga Sleep Method workshops in studios across London.

VINYASA WORKSHOP (FRI 16:30-18:00). Book tickets.

Join Natasha for a workshop designed to evoke fluidity within your Vinyasa Flow practice. You will explore pranayama techniques to deepen your awareness of the subtle movement and ripples within your own body. Be prepared to sweat, move, breathe and flow.


David Sye 085-2

David has been teaching his eclectic style of yoga for over 25 years. It openly encourages the practitioners to deeply explore their own physical and psychological boundaries. His charity Yoga Beats Conflict has worked all over the UK with troubled youths, prisoners and victims of domestic violence. David travels extensively in the UK and abroad with his 4-step Weekend Foundation Course teaching the Yogabeats methodology and practice in its basic form.

TEQUILA YOGA (FRI 17:00-18:30). Book tickets.

Tequila is known as “the nectar of the gods” and for good reason, the nectar from the Agave plant has been used for centuries as a ritual beverage and a ceremonial offering to the Gods and all Holy beings, it is believed that those who drink from the Agave will live happily ever after. Couple this with the huge benefits that yogabeats sessions already offer and you are looking at a yoga experience that will undoubtedly rock your very core! Bringing you to an exquisite place of existence where, thinking ceases, rules are broken and risks are taken, the risk to be wild, spontaneous, happy and free!


Howard is a yoga teacher with over 20 years experience. He is a best selling author who has also released 19 yoga DVDs. Recently he has become known for his ground-breaking work that uses yoga as an effective form of lifestyle medicine that can be used by anyone.

BIO-HACKING THROUGH YOGA (SAT 12:30-13:30). Book tickets.

‘Bio-hacking’ is a radical and empowering approach to health that uses self-study and daily tweaks of diet, exercise and sleep to help improve the function and metabolism of the body. Bio-hacking techniques are used to dramatically affect overall health, increase fitness, manage weight, balance hormones, improve gut health, upgrade sleep, manage stress, improve mood and increase longevity. This workshop sets out to explore how yoga can become a powerful bio-hacking tool to help us discover what’s really going on with our bodies in order to achieve optimal health.


Claire Missingham (2)

Since 2000, Claire has created her own inspirational and methodical approach to Vinyasa Flow yoga, where she builds specific methods of creating krama (sequencing) and alignment, then layering music, yogic philosophy and real-life stories. Claire is now the UK’s top Vinyasa teacher, and has taught her dynamic, choreographed and alignment based approach to Vinyasa Flow yoga at yoga studios around the world.


Learn how to open the lower body and cultivate the four layers of core strength into the Vinyasa practice. This allows the energy around the lower three chakras to become balanced, strong, and rooted. Come gently nurture the legs into a place of warmth and space through deep lunges, using the wall for Hanumanasana variations, then deep hip openers and reclined asanas. Experience this soulful journey to getting down and deep into the lower three chakras. Open to mixed levels.


Mercedes Ngoh British Yoga Festival

Having studied various forms of yoga, she now teaches Vinyasa Flow. Most of her studies over the past decade have been in California where she completed different certifications under many recognised teachers including Shiva Rea. In 2010 she Co-Founded the award winning health retreat Yeotown located in North Devon and is ambassador for Lululemon Athletica and Manduka. Mercedes runs weekly Vinyasa Flow yoga classes, teacher training modules and retreats at Yeotown and abroad throughout the year.

THE WEIRD, THE WILD, THE WACKY (SAT 14:30-15:30). Book tickets.

This hour Vinyasa flow yoga workshop will be all about practising with a smile on our faces! We will have fun getting fearless, playful and downright silly exploring funky yet inspirational variations of balancing postures. With names like Fallen Angel, Ugly Duckling and Drunken Genie, only those with a good sense of humour, curiosity and courage to fall yet try again need apply!


Michelle Pernetta british yoga festival

Michele studied for 4-years under Bikram Choudhury in LA in 1990. After moving back to the UK, she opened Bikram North in 1999 – the UK’s first Bikram studio. Michelle continued to study and practise yoga, certifying with Larry Schultz in Ashtanga Vinyasa. In 2013 Michele launched her new brand Fierce Grace across her studios.

FIERCE GRACE (SAT 16:30-18:00). Book tickets.

Our challenging but user-friendly general level class is performed to music. Designed by Michele Pernetta, the leading hot yoga teacher in the UK, this class combines the central poses of Ashtanga, Hatha, Bikram and Power yoga with deep twists, core and upper body strengthening and deep hip openers with interval training and Super Slow wisdom. This creates a full work out for the body and the mind.


rachel okimo british yoga festivalRachel has been working within the fields of creative movement and yoga for more than a decade and took her first yoga teacher training in 2005. She has immersed herself in Dynamic yoga and continues to explore dynamic movement and creativity into the yoga practice. As well as training in Hatha Vinyasa yoga methods, Rachel has completed a teachers training in Pranayama techniques with Tiwari at Centered Yoga, Koh Samui.


Join Rachel, Dynamic Vinyasa teacher and founder of Funk the Buddha, for an invigorating flow of spine lengthening, shoulder opening and core strengthening. We’ll be eliminating desk distressed bodies and opening up a space for free flowing prana (life force) and soaring energy levels! Connecting us back to the heart of the matter is a focused guided meditation and intention setting.


kirsty gallagher british yoga festival

Kirsty began her yoga practice in India and completed a Yoga Alliance certified teacher training. Her style is Dynamic Vinyasa flow, creating fluid, playful and flowing sequences to open the body, enliven the soul and free the mind. She teaches regular classes, workshops and retreats across the world.

FULL MOON FLOW (SUN 10:30-12:00). Book tickets.

Using the energies of the full moon our aim with this workshop will be to cleanse, release and let go. We will look inwards to identify any issues which may be holding us back in both our practice and daily life. Following a grounding meditation we will continue to move through a deeply releasing practice, focusing on letting go in both body and mind. We will finish the workshop with a chakra clearing and releasing meditation.


jeff phenix british yoga festival

Jeff is one of London’s leading yoga teachers and currently trains teachers on Triyoga’s teacher training course, and teachers at a number of venues including London’s top 2 yoga centres – Triyoga and The Life Centre. Jeff is an inspiring and popular teacher because of his passion and unique style which emphasises the true spirit and philosophy behind yoga.

EXPLORE, PLAY AND GO DEEPER (SUN 10:30-12:00). Book tickets.

Join Jeff for a seriously playful yoga exploration, which emphasises the spiritual mindful aspects of yoga but is also physically challenging. This workshop is inclusive of different levels of experience. So even when we look at more challenging postures like inversions or arm balances, simpler gentler more appropriate options are always given.


Mollie is co-owner and Director of SādhakaYoga Centre in London, and creator and lead teacher of Grace and Presence Yoga Teacher Training, teaching mentoring courses and workshops. Inspired by yoga and Ayurveda, her signature style combines precise anatomical understanding to open up the possibilities of the body and yoga practice, including challenge, self-enquiry, mindfulness and fun.

DYNAMIC BACKBENDS (SUN 14:00-15:30). Book tickets.

This workshop focuses on strong and playful practice exploring the physical and energetic effects of back bending practice. Find the depth of possibility with these challenging poses, by working with healthy, fluid and natural movement of the spine.

mollie morris british yoga festival

Click here for the full workshop schedule. General entry tickets can be purchased on the day (£8 adults / £5 concessions / under 16’s go free when accompanied by a paying adult.) or from our website.

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