Broken Back to Yoga Teacher – The Zest Life

How a young woman almost paralysed ten years ago is now running yoga lifestyle retreats on Anglesey to help others get fit, strong and happy.

Whilst travelling in Australia ten years ago I broke my back in a boating accident. After being told I might never walk again, I was prescribed yoga to help repair my back but as an 18 year old adrenalin junkie, I wasn’t very impressed by this sedate new sport! I eventually found Ashtanga yoga – a strong, dynamic, physical type of yoga that my body adored. I practised daily and was so inspired by the improvements that the yoga was making to my life on a physical and mental level that I decided to train to become a teacher myself.

That was ten years ago and I haven’t looked back since.

And it’s thanks to my journey of recovery through yoga that our lifestyle company THE ZEST LIFE was born in 2013.

Here at THE ZEST LIFE, we have 5 core beliefs:

•      Revitalise your body through yoga
•      Nourish yourself with wholesome food
•      Nurture your soul with positive company
•      Being inspired by the beauty of nature
•      Rebalance your life with time to relax

The Zest for Life Outside

Laura Bell - The zest for life

We have lovingly combined our beliefs creating, what we believe is the  perfect mix for a luxury weekend retreat in the heart of beautiful North Wales.

Our retreats are themed around the seasons, tailoring each retreat to suit your needs at the different times of the year. So whether it’s yoga and wild swimming in August, a relaxation retreat in December, or a yoga and fitness experience in January THE ZEST LIFE has the ideal retreat for you.

Our mission is to “inspire people to make better decisions about the way they live through yoga, nature, food, relaxation and positivity”. We believe it’s the small positive changes on a daily basis that create the big life changing shifts long term. Turning your life around to a more positive, healthy way of being takes time, discipline and patience. Our retreats give you the inspiration, enthusiasm and the joy to want to carry those ideas forward into your future.

We combine adventure with relaxation; new thrills with calm and chill; but most of all you get to find out and experience what gives you your zest for life.  Why not join us? Step out of your busy life and step into the zest life.

The next THE ZEST LIFE retreat takes place on October 16th – Autumn Recharge – Yoga & walking weekend. From £295 per person.

More information about us and details of all our retreats can be found at

“I am kicking myself for not taking advantage of your retreats sooner! It has been an amazing weekend of laughter, great food, world class yoga and so much more. We are very lucky to have you in Wales. This will be an annual treat for us” Mark, North Wales.