Begineers Pose Yoga




  • Start in a tabletop position on all four: hands underneath the shoulders, knees underneath the hips.
  • Spread your hands and root down through the joint of the index finger Explore flexion by rounding your spine up towards the ceiling; let the back of your neck follow the movement of your spine.
  • .Then begin to move in the opposite direction, extension, by allowing your belly to soften to the floor a little and your shoulder blades to draw down the back.
  • Keep the back of the neck long, again, following the movement of the spine.
  •  Repeat this for a few rounds of breath, taking the spine through flexion and extension.


    • A gentle way to warm up the spine.
    • Stretches the front and back body.


    • If the flexion in the wrists feels too strong in this, explore being on your knuckles.
    • A blanket can also be used underneath the knees for additional padding If you have any tension or pain in the neck, be sure to be extra mindful by keeping the head in line with the rest of the spine and avoid over-lifting in Cow pose

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