To be in alignment energetically is to have your chakras,


Meypayatu™ is a ‘new’ mind-body practice based on the principal


What's the key to a successful relationship? Having your head, heart and hips working in unison with each other. Head: your logical mind. This is

10 years ago when I went to live in India, I was enchanted and completely absorbed with a feeling of “being home”. The temple I

Yoga Magazine is proud to announce our first British Yoga Festival. This three-day event will showcase a wealth of yoga styles in a fun

Most of us know, all too well, the exhaustion experienced from a persevering schedule that pushes us to our limits day in and day

In the sanctuary of a yoga studio, a retreat or a tranquil spot in the countryside, it’s easier to feel at peace with the

To be stuck on the idea that yoga is just for the body is to miss a world of experience and pleasure, an opportunity

I must admit I did all I could to avoid writing this. Not because I cannot but because where do you start? How do