David SyeDavid Sye - singer and son of Legendary 60's entertainer Frankie Vaughan and a cousin of Amy Winehouse talks about his journey towards

Cheryl interviews Bhanu Bhatnagar, a news correspondent from Al Jazeera English about the documentary 'Who Owns Yoga?'The ancient practice of yoga has been packaged

When I first started yoga I was on a neurotic quest for more, more, more. Nothing was ever enough: no workout, no amount of

My journey began way back when I was three when I started dancing. This was the commencement of creating messages with my body. I

Whether I am in rehearsal, teaching yoga, or dealing with any of life’s stresses, getting on my mat keeps me balanced. Working in theatre

YM’s Teacher of the Month, is Heather Bonnie Lee. Read about Heather’s yoga journey and where her practice is taking her next. Heather also shares a collection of poses and a sequence for you to try at home.