What does the yoga tradition say about honoring the Earth? I’m sure


I wrote ‘Exhausted to Energized’ because I want to see


On arrival in a country for the first time, one can gather a lot from the national taxi service at the airport - always

What are your favourite materials to work with, and why? Like many sculptors, originally, when I first trained, I learned how to sculpt with clay. Today

1. What is unique about the style of yoga you teach?  It’s important to first understand that yoga exercises or asanas are just a small

We were lucky enough to get to spend an evening with the lovely Fitfluential Yoga Teacher Jessamyn Stanley while she was in London recently. 

David SyeDavid Sye - singer and son of Legendary 60's entertainer Frankie Vaughan and a cousin of Amy Winehouse talks about his journey towards

Cheryl interviews Bhanu Bhatnagar, a news correspondent from Al Jazeera English about the documentary 'Who Owns Yoga?'The ancient practice of yoga has been packaged

When I first started yoga I was on a neurotic quest for more, more, more. Nothing was ever enough: no workout, no amount of

My journey began way back when I was three when I started dancing. This was the commencement of creating messages with my body. I

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